Final Fantasy 16: Can You Keep Playing After Completing the Game? 1
Image: Push Square

Can you keep playing Final Fantasy 16 after completing the game? This is sometimes a difficult question to answer when it comes to RPGs, but we're going to give it a shot with this spoiler-free Final Fantasy 16 guide.

Can You Keep Playing Final Fantasy 16 After Completing the Game?

Yes, you can keep playing Final Fantasy 16 after beating the main story. Technically. Upon actually finishing the game and seeing the credits roll, you'll be asked to save your 'Clear Data'. This data can be used to start New Game +.

However, if you load the Clear Data as you would with any other save, you'll be brought back before the game's finale, basically allowing you to keep playing. From this point, you can also push forward and complete the final chapter again, if you feel like it.

Dropping back in before the finale means that you can complete any unfinished side quests or hunts. You can replay all of the game's action-based story missions via the Stage Replay and Arcade Mode options in the Hideaway, too.

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