Ahriman is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.


Ahriman Location and How to Beat 1
Image: Push Square

Rank C

Location: This first mark appears as part of the story

Reward: 10 renown, 5,000 gil

Combat tips:

  • Teleports when under pressure, making it difficult to pin down
  • The best way to deal with its slow-moving lightning balls is to dodge through them
  • Its laser eye deals a chunk of damage but it's easy enough to dodge as it's not very accurate
  • It's a good idea to focus on dodging and movement during this fight
  • Its ground-based magic attacks come out quickly, so keep moving and watch out for additional attacks while the ground spells are ongoing
  • Ahriman can cast Doom, a spell that will instantly kill Clive if it hits. You cannot avoid the initial casting, but when the four orbs disappear, a large red circle will appear on the ground. You must get out of this circle before it explodes, or it's a one-hit kill. Fortunately, the timing is fairly generous as long as you're not caught by surprise

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