Wondering how to do Power Shots in FIFA 23? Power Shots are a new mechanic allowing added to the latest iteration of EA Sports' soccer sim, allowing you to launch absolutely rockets into the back of the net. On this page, as part of our FIFA 23 guide, we'll show you how to do Power Shots.

FIFA 23: How to Do Power Shots

FIFA 23: How to Do Power Shots 1
Image: Push Square

Power Shots are incredibly simple to execute in FIFA 23, you just need to hold L1 and R1 while pressing the shoot button (this will depend on your controller setup). Do keep in mind that Power Shots have longer animations than normal shots, therefore there's a large window of opportunity for your shot to get blocked or for your striker to lose possession. Furthermore, your aiming will need to be much more accurate, or you'll blast the ball wide or over the bar.

Because there's such a prolonged wind-up involved with Power Shots, we'd recommend only using them when you're in open space, like in one-on-one situations. They can also be effective from outside the box, but you're going to need to be perfect with your aim, otherwise you'll put the ball wide or into Row Z.

By the way, you'll know you've performed a Power Shot correctly when the camera zooms in during the wind-up motion. However, you can disable this feature in the Settings if you prefer.

Do you know how to do Power Shots in FIFA 23 now? Cook an absolute rocket in the comments section below, and check out our FIFA 23 guide for much more information.