How do you unlock the Vault 33 Jumpsuit from the TV show in Fallout 76? A neat little tie-in with the Fallout TV show now on Amazon Prime, you can kit your character out as if they were Lucy from Vault 33. In this Fallout 76 guide, we're going to reveal how to unlock the Vault 33 Jumpsuit from the TV show.

How Do You Unlock the Vault 33 Jumpsuit from the TV Show in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76: How to Unlock the Vault 33 Jumpsuit from the TV Show Guide 1

In order to get the Vault 33 Jumpsuit for your character, you must first ensure you're playing the game before 7th May 2024. The item is only available until then. As long as you are, go to the Fallout 76 main menu and select the Atomic Shop. Scroll down to the Apparel section, and then go to the bottom where you'll find the Vault 33 Jumpsuit available for free. Simply button through and claim the item.

Now, to actually equip the Vault 33 Jumpsuit on your character, go to an Armor Workbench — either out in the open world or at your CAMP — and select Under Armor. You can craft the Vault 33 Jumpsuit here using 1 Circuitry, 6 Cloth, and 1 Gold. If you're just starting the game, the first Armor Workbench you'll find is at the Overseer's Camp opposite The Wayward. You're unlikely to have a piece of Gold so early on, though, so you'll need to play more of the game to obtain the material.

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