How do you reach Cerulean Coast in Elden Ring? The Cerulean Coast is the large area to the south as you look at your map, and reaching it requires some extended exploration of the Gravesite Plain. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to reach Cerulean Coast.

How Do You Reach Cerulean Coast in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring: How to Reach Cerulean Coast Guide 1

Our journey to the Cerulean Coast begins at the Site of Grace called Castle Front in the Gravesite Plain, outside Castle Ensis. Riding aboard Torrent, you'll want to start by heading southeast into the valley where some trolls and soldiers are fighting one another. When you spot the first battle, the path divides, with one option going downhill to the left and the other straight on. Take the left-hand path down the valley and you'll eventually find a green and yellow swamp. Head through it to the left in a northern direction until you come to a lake with a giant crab in the middle. Drop down here, and look to the left-hand side of the lake to spot a cave with magical gravestones surrounding the entrance. Head inside and you'll come to the Site of Grace for Ellac River Cave.

Exit and turn left, heading downstream to where the first waterfall is. Look over the edge and you'll notice some rocks you can jump between whilst riding Torrent. Use these to make it to the level below, then when you come to the second waterfall with a lobster at the bottom, continue forward and sprint through the alley with bird statues either side. You'll soon make it to the Site of Grace for Ellac River Downstream, where a ghost can also be spoken to. From here, hug the right-hand wall and continue descending aboard Torrent, jumping down using the safety of the rocks.

Once you're on level ground again, continue following the water downstream where the crab is and past the Furnace Golem. You'll soon reach the cliff edge again but look to your right for a path uphill, where you'll notice fields of blue flowers blooming. At the top of this hill is the start of the Cerulean Coast.

For the Map of the Cerulean Coast — or Southern Shore as it's also called — head directly south through this valley and a Ghostflame Dragon will spawn around the rubble. On the other side of it, continue on to where the structure pointing diagonally up to the sky is and look out for a path heading uphill with some glowing worms on each side. Up the top here is where the Map piece is.

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