How do you reach Cathedral of Manus Metyr on the eastern side of Scadu Altus in Elden Ring? You'll have this location revealed on your Map having acquired the Map piece for Scadu Altus, but actually reaching it isn't as simple as just following a road there. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to reach Cathedral of Manus Metyr.

How Do You Reach Cathedral of Manus Metyr in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring: How to Reach Cathedral of Manus Metyr Guide 1

The journey to the Cathedral of Manus Metyr begins at the Moorth Ruins in the Scadu Altus. In the southeastern corner of this location, you'll find a gigantic hole with a path leading through the rock at the bottom. While riding Torrent, you're going to need to safely drop down to the bottom of this hole, using parts of the rock sticking out of the sides of the hole to get down. This is pretty finicky and will likely require some trial and error to find the right path, as there are no obvious pieces of rock to drop down onto. You kind of just have to feel your way down.

Once you reach the bottom, open the treasure chest and turn around to find the underground path below you. A cave will take you to a ladder, which leads to Bonny Village. Activate the Site of Grace, then pass through the settlement, heading east across the two bridges. On the other side of the second bridge, you'll get a Site of Grace appropriately named Bridge Leading to the Village. Having rested, head north through the forest, using the main path through as your guide.

When you find the Furnace Golem, continue past it and you'll notice a tower off in the distance: that's Rabbath's Rise. Directly west of it up the hill is a Site of Grace for Church District Highroad. From that point, head south through the small forest and you'll happen upon a clearing with the Cathedral of Manus Metyr right in front of you. Head inside to talk to Count Ymir, High Priest.

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