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How long does it take to finish Demon's Souls? Since the bulk of this remake is very faithful to the 2009 original, your results may vary depending on how much memory you have of the game's enemies and stages. We're here to provide you an estimate for the average player who likely hasn't touched the original in quite some time or ever in this Demon's Souls guide.

Demon's Souls: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

To be honest, Demon's Souls can take as long as you'd like it to. It has excellent replayability thanks to its diverse character customization, its focus on specialization, and the endlessly looping New Game+.

Despite this, we've got our best estimates below for roughly how long it'll take you to finish Demon's Souls.

  • Just the main game - Only focusing on the critical path and mowing your way through all the bosses with as little extra exploration as possible will take around 25 hours
  • Main game and optional quests - Exploring around the edges of Demon's Souls will provide you with NPC's to interact with, useful equipment, and even optional bosses that'll likely bring your total playtime closer to 30 hours
  • Main game and New Game + - Once you've made it through the gauntlet once, your newfound knowledge will serve you well for all subsequent playthroughs. However, New Game + makes things even harder and is at least partially required if you want to get the game's Platinum Trophy, and adding an entire harder New Game + playthrough would put our estimate at around 45 to 50 hours. By the way, if you want some assistance with those Trophies, check out our guide: Demon's Souls: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum.

How many cycles of New Game + have you made it through in Demon's Souls at this point? Flex those Demon slaying muscles in the comments section below. Also, don't forget to have a look at the rest of our extensive Demon's Souls guide for other help, tips, and tricks.