Control PS4 4

How do you upgrade your weapons and mods in Control? Remedy's latest places a huge emphasis on taking advantage of your powers during combat and combining them with the use of your service weapon. However, how do you make them even better than the base version? Here's how you upgrade weapons and mods in Control.

How to Upgrade Weapons and Mods in Control

In a very similar vein to upgrading your abilities, you'll only be able to enhance your weapons and mods at a control point you have already cleansed. Once you've interacted with one, select the Astral Constructs tab. Here, you'll be able to construct new types of guns for the Service Weapons, as well as upgrade existing ones. Switch to the other option and you can make random mods to improve your selection of weaponry. Again, you can also upgrade this tab to ensure that you get better random mods.

Upgrading weapons and making mods both use the materials you collect throughout the Oldest House.