Control PS4 6

How do you get the Shield power in Control? It's one of the most important defensive options during combat, but you won't gain access to it until you've made a good amount of progress. Here's how to get the Shield ability in Control.

How to Get the Shield Ability in Control

Once you reach Central Maintenance, head to the northern part of the map just past the NSC Power Plant. Acquired during the "A Good Defense" side mission, you'll need to destroy the red objects on the ceiling using your powers to gain access to the Field Training area.

Once there, you'll need to complete an obstacle course in the space of 45 seconds. It includes shooting targets, using the Launch ability to activate switches, and climbing. As soon as you beat it, you'll have to defeat an Object of Power. Do that by throwing the objects that protect it back at it. This will kill the Object of Power and allow you to get the Shield ability.