Control PS4 9

How do you complete the Fridge Duty side mission in Control? Many of the game's side missions are very well hidden throughout the world, but one of the easier quests to get your hands on is Fridge Duty. Here's a full walkthrough of each and every step you'll take towards completing it.

Control's Fridge Duty Side Mission Walkthrough

  1. Whilst searching for Dylan during mission 6, you'll need to make your way up to the fourth floor of the Panopticon. Once there, just before claiming the Control Point in the area, a man will call out to you on an intercom to your right. Interact with it and talk to him.
  2. You can't help the man right now, but make the promise to return once you've found Dylan. Continue pressing through the main story until you've been to P6's Cell, and as soon as you are handed the objective of returning to Emily in the main hub area, head back to the man in question on the intercom.
  3. He'll tell you to speak to Langston - the officer you spoke to previously as the entrance to the Panopticon. Once spoken to, he'll unlock the cell door blocking your path to the distressed man.
  4. Head back to the fourth level and subdue the refrigerator in the room.
  5. You'll then be transported to a boss encounter against a monster known as the Former. Deal damage to it by shooting its gigantic eye and using the Launch ability to throw its own balls back at it. Make sure to dodge its arms via Evade, while avoiding the holes in the floor that it creates.
  6. Once you've killed it, return to Langston for a chat - ending the side quest in the process.