Can you play Hades 2 on PS5, PS4? The first-ever sequel from Supergiant Games, the game can be played now in early access. Is it available on PlayStation consoles, though? In this Hades 2 guide, we'll answer your question: can you play Hades 2 on PS5, PS4?

Can You Play Hades 2 on PS5, PS4?

Can You Play Hades 2 on PS5, PS4? Guide

Hades 2 is currently not playable on PS5 or PS4, but that will almost certainly change in the future. During its Early Access phase, it's only available on PC. During this period, Supergiant Games will continue to develop the sequel, adding in new features and content until the end of the year. The final 1.0 version isn't expected to release until 2025, at which point PS5 and PS4 versions will likely launch. Therefore, once the full release on PC is ready, you should expect PlayStation ports. The original Hades made its way to consoles after the PC release, so the chances of the same happening with its sequel are extremely high.

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