Want to know how to change party members in Baldur's Gate 3? Each Character is unique, offering different skill sets based on their Class, Race, and other attributes, both in and out of combat. If you find yourself bouncing off a situation, it's probably time to regroup and refocus. On this page, as part of our Baldur's Gate 3 guide, we'll make teach you how to change party members.

Baldur's Gate 3: How to Change Party Members

How to Change Party Members 1
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Changing party members is a breeze in Baldur's Gate 3, and you can do it from anywhere (provided you aren't in combat or a cutscene). All you have to do is pull up your radial menu, and down the bottom right, select Long Rest. This will transport you to the Campsite, Baldur's Gate 3's portable hub area, where you can relax and unwind, chat with Companions, manage your inventory, and change your current party composition.

To do so, track down the Companion you'd like to recruit (you can check the Map for their locations, but usually near their personal tent), interact with them, and they can join your current party provided you have the space. In Baldur's Gate 3, a party can consist of four characters, with any extra companions you pick up along the way patiently waiting for you back at the Campsite.

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