How do you beat Sea Spider in Armored Core 6? This boss is at the end of the Main Mission called Ocean Crossing, which concludes Chapter 2. As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we're going to reveal how to beat Sea Spider.

How Do You Beat Sea Spider in Armored Core 6?

Armored Core 6: How to Beat Sea Spider Guide 1
Image: Push Square

The Sea Spider is probably the most aggressive boss you've encountered up until this point, so it's time to fight fire with fire: success in this fight will be defined by how aggressive you are at filling up the boss's stagger gauge. Its own attacks include laser beams, rockets, and missile salvos, as well as a good thud from its legs. In this fight, you're going to have to accept you're going to receive a ton of damage in order to deal damage — at least on your first time. It's the only way to get in close and stagger it.

To do so, we recommend kitting your mech's R-Back Unit and L-Back Unit with Songbirds, which are powerful Grenade Cannons. Using these both at the same time almost fills the boss' stagger gauge completely all at once. Combine this with the RF-024 Turner so you can sustain stagger damage. Then, once the boss is staggered, get in close with your Pulse Blade. Frustratingly, this boss has a lot of health compared to anything else you've faced so far, so the weapon isn't going to take off quite as big a chunk of health as you're used to.

When you've got its health bar down to roughly 40%, it'll start flying and attacking you from above. From our experience, we found this second phase actually easier than the first, but it's still tough to survive as you'll have limited AP and Repair Kits. In this situation, we suggest keeping your distance so attacks can be dodged and relying on your Songbirds to stagger and damage at a distance. Only when you feel it's very safe should you get in close with a Pulse Blade.

It's likely going to take you a lot of tries to beat this boss — it certainly did for us — so don't give up hope. Try different builds, mess about with the OS Tuning, and give other weapons a go. Eventually, you'll get it down.

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