How do you beat IB-01: CEL 240 in Armored Core 6? This boss is at the end of the Main Mission called Reach the Coral Convergence, which concludes Chapter 4. As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we're going to reveal how to beat IB-01: CEL 240.

How Do You Beat IB-01: CEL 240 in Armored Core 6?

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Up until now, you've been able to approach boss encounters using pretty much any set of weaponry or build possible. However, with IB-01: CEL 240, you absolutely must use a particular set of weapons, otherwise, you're in for an incredibly tough time. For your R-Back Unit and L-Back Unit, equip the Stun Needle Launcher called VE-60SNA. You want it on both sides — if you're having trouble with your Current Load, make any concessions to your Armor you can. Combine them with Shotguns on your R-Arm Unit and L-Arm Unit like the WR-0777 Sweet Sixteen. Using this setup, the boss is so, so much easier to beat.

Now, once you're in the arena, immediately target the boss with your Stun Needle Launchers and stagger them. Then, use the Assault Boost to quickly get over to it and blast them with your Shotguns. You'll notice this does a lot of damage, because while this boss proves difficult, it doesn't actually have much health. Its own attacks are very powerful, though. The melee slashes — which come at you from a distance — are particularly lethal, and are ones you want to avoid at all costs as they can stagger you so much that the boss has an opening to kill you all at once.

What you want to do is play aggressively and rely on your Stun Needle Launchers by sticking close to the boss, using them when they're still. This boss is extremely agile and moves about the arena a lot, so you'll need to take your shots carefully. Two direct hits should stagger them, allowing you to move in close with Shotguns. Dodge its attacks when you can and repeat this process; you should find the boss goes down pretty quickly.

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Unfortunately, though, that's not the end of it. IB-01: CEL 240 regenerates all of its health for a second phase, and it's packing a few new attacks. Your approach shouldn't change, though. Continue to use the Stun Needle Launchers and Shotguns in the same way and you should down the boss a second time. Then you can breathe a sigh of relief because the encounter is actually over then.

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