How do you beat HC Helicopter in Armored Core 6? You encounter this boss in a Main Mission named Illegal Entry, which serves as the first main encounter of the game. As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we are going to reveal how to beat HC Helicopter.

How Do You Beat HC Helicopter in Armored Core 6?

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At the start of the fight, we recommend taking a minute or two to evaluate the arena you're in and any attacks the boss throws at you. Feel free to deal damage if you like, but it's suggested to die. This way, you can get all your AP back and restore any Repair Kits you used previously. You just need to scan the wreckage again and then the encounter restarts.

Now you're on a more level playing field, analyse how the boss' attacks track your position over a period of time. Around the battlefield are buildings you can use for cover, and it's these that'll protect you from damage. We suggest sticking close to them, always having one in between you and the boss. This way, the bullets and missiles can't get you quite so easily. Hide behind them, then pop up either above them or to the side and send some of your own projectiles back. If you're feeling brave, you can fly up to the boss and attack it with your melee weapon to deal a lot of damage all at once. If you do this, keep in mind you can get two hits in straight after one another before the weapon has to recharge.

If you deal enough damage within a set amount of time, the bar above the boss' health gauge will fill up completely and stagger it. This allows you to get in some free damage, and it's where the melee attacks really come into their own. Try and take advantage of them as much as possible.

The boss doesn't have a second phase, so continue to use the buildings for cover, and pop out when it's safe to deal damage of your own and you'll eventually defeat it. Try to remain on the move at all times, dodging its missiles and taking to the air when possible. Once you've beaten it, the Main Mission called Illegal Entry will be complete.

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