Are you wondering how long does it take to beat Armored Core 6? FromSoftware is known for making its games last longer than most, so it's no surprise you're interested in how a full playthrough stacks up against the likes of Dark Souls or Elden Ring. As part of our Armored Core 6 guide, we're going to answer the question: how long does it take to beat Armored Core 6?

How Long Does it Take to Beat Armored Core 6?

Armored Core 6: How Long Does It Take to Beat? Guide FAQ
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For a typical playthrough, you can expect to spend 25-30 hours playing the game before the credits roll. You'll need to spend a significant amount of time completing all its Missions (See Also: All Missions) that make up its Chapters (See Also: How Many Chapters Are There?) before you can say you've finished the game. However, since there are multiple endings, there's reason to play the campaign over again and take a different route, which will obviously increase your playtime further. Luckily, a New Game+ (See Also: How to Start New Game+ and What Carries Over) option makes all that a breeze. All in all, if you're going for the Platinum Trophy, for example, you could easily spend 55+ hours in the game.

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