PlayStation Vita Pets

PlayStation Vita Pets


PlayStation Vita
Sony Computer Entertainment
Spiral House


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User Ratings: 4

Our Review: 7/10

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  • News Prepare for PS Vita Pets with Smartphone App Puppy Parlour

    Is that a puppy in your pocket?

    While shareholders plead with Nintendo to put their properties on iOS and Android devices, Sony is already casually doing just that. The platform holder recently released Knack’s Quest, a companion to the PlayStation 4 adventure created by Japan Studio – and now it’s followed up with PlayStation Vita

  • News Fetch a Copy of PlayStation Vita Pets from 3rd June

    Hot dog

    Here’s a little secret that you may not know: this editor has a penchant for child friendly titles. There’s something about accessible gameplay mechanics and colourful graphics that makes kiddie releases feel like comfort food in an industry dominated by hardcore first-person shooters and sprawling role-playing games – and it’s a big...


  • News PlayStation Vita Pets Dresses Talking Dogs in Tutus

    Wag your tail and woof

    We suspect that those of you yapping about the need for new PlayStation Vita games had something other than PlayStation Vita Pets in mind, but we still reckon that there’s potential in the doggy endeavour. The title – in production at EyePet Adventures developer Spiral House – riffs on the ideas originally introduced...