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Orgarhythm News


  • News Orgarhythm Boogies onto the PlayStation Vita

    Shake it, shake it

    Patapon fans disappointed by the lack of tactical rhythm action on the PlayStation Vita may find themselves drawn to Orgarhythm, an incredibly difficult to spell real-time strategy title from Acquire. The game – available now from the North American PlayStation Store – encourages you to tap, slide and drag your finger to the...

  • News Orgarhythm Taps Its Feet to the Beat from 23rd October

    Kooloo limpah

    For a platform that apparently has no games, there sure is a lot of content releasing for the PlayStation Vita right now. XSEED has just announced that its wacky rhythm strategy game Orgarhythm is set to join the party on 23rd October. The game will be available as a digital exclusive, and will cost $29.99. The release date adds yet...


  • News Ragnarok Odyssey Stomps onto Western Vitas This Year

    Orgarhythm too

    XSEED may have scrapped plans to release Vanillaware’s gorgeous Grand Knights History overseas, but it has replaced the PSP RPG with a handful of hotly anticipated Vita titles. The localisation specialist has confirmed that it will be bringing the Monster Hunter-inspired Ragnarok Odyssey to North America, in addition to Acquire’s...


  • News Shenmue Programmer Announces Vita Rhythm Game

    "Maybe I should play some..."

    Former SEGA employee Tak Hirai has a pretty convincing résumé. Not only was the Japanese developer a main programmer on the original Shenmue titles, but his credits also include the likes of Space Channel 5 and Meteos. In September 2010 Hirai formed his own studio, Neilo. 18 months later, that studio has announced its...