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MotorStorm RC


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Sony Computer Entertainment
Evolution Studios


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User Ratings: 32

Our Review: 9/10

MotorStorm RC News


  • Store Update 24th December 2012 (North America)

    Christmas edition

    T’was the night before Christmas, when everyone stressed – but Sony was still busy, ensuring the PlayStation Store refreshed. In truth, there’s very little worth mentioning on this week’s North American update aside from MotorStorm RC Complete Edition and a bunch of fresh festive discounts. You can read more about those...


  • News MotorStorm Series Sells Over 6 Million Units

    Road to victory

    Evolution Studios’ consistently compelling MotorStorm series has sold over 6 million units, Sony XDev Europe's Pete Smith has revealed. The executive cited the first-party developer as an example of a team with a clear focus during a panel at GDC Europe earlier today. The studio’s most recent title, MotorStorm RC, released on...


  • News Massive MotorStorm RC Update Retunes Difficulty

    Try again

    We absolutely adored MotorStorm RC, but we reached a point in the campaign where it all got a bit too tough. Turns out developer Evolution Studios noticed that too, as it has prepared a new patch designed to rebalance the game. The developer notes that the patch is not intended to make the game easy, but to ensure the campaign progression...


  • News Sony Bringing New PlayStation Vita Bundles to Europe

    A kind of price drop

    While the industry screams for a PlayStation Vita price drop, it looks like Sony's considering a different way to stimulate sales of the troubled handheld. The platform holder announced a new batch of European Vita bundles over the weekend. For the standard sum of €249 you’ll be able to grab a Wi-Fi Vita with a 4GB memory...


  • News MotorStorm RC Proves Popular Amongst PSN Players

    Little treasure

    Sony’s furnished us with some fascinating statistics pertaining to the popular PSN downloadable MotorStorm RC today. According to the publisher, the title is downloaded 19 times every minute, with new events kick-started every second. Every minute sees a new PSN friendship formed, and eight trophies earned. We’d like to see...

  • News Conquer the Carnival with New MotorStorm RC DLC

    Roll up, roll up

    Have your remote controlled cars at the ready, because the carnival is coming to town. Evolution Studios has lifted the lid on MotorStorm RC’s latest expansion pack, which brings with it a slew of new festival themed tracks and a whopping 24 events for you to test your skills against. The pack bundles six new tracks in total, each...


  • News MotorStorm RC Pro-AM DLC Launches Tomorrow

    Shove it

    If you’ve (somehow) already managed to clear MotorStorm RC’s lengthy campaign, then you might be excited to learn that the game’s set to get its first DLC pack tomorrow. The Pro-AM festival includes 16 new events set across four circuits, each designed around a skate-park theme. The PR reads: Get ready for huge ramps, banked corners...

  • News MotorStorm RC Free For U.S. Vita Owners

    Tough luck, Europe

    The release of Vita has coincided with a revamped digital strategy, with a clear aim that certain experiences and titles will be available for low, if not smartphone-low, prices. Great news for gamers, though Vita owners in the U.S. are getting an extra treat this week. It's been announced on the PlayStation Blog that Motorstorm...

  • News Domino's Pizza Speeds into MotorStorm RC

    Pepperoni please

    We've already established in our MotorStorm RC review that the downloadable racer is a tasty little ride, but it’s about to get a whole lot more scrumptious. Developer Evolution Studios has teamed up with Domino’s Pizza to bring a branded Supermini livery into the game. Domino’s Pizza's Nick Dutch said of the team-up: We...


  • Talking Point What Has Sony Learnt for Vita's Launch?

    Alright on launch night?

    The last time Sony launched a console, it didn’t quite go as swimmingly as desired. Now more than ever, with overall company losses of €2.2bn predicted for the latest financial year and a recent downgrading of its credit rating from financial agency Standards & Poor to BBB+, the Tokyo-based company needs to pull...

  • News MotorStorm RC Racing into North America on 6th March


    Spoilers: MotorStorm RC is amazing. It’s not often those of us in Europe get special treatment, but when it comes to Evolution Studios’ new cross-platform RC racer we’ve been treated like Kings. That is to say we’ve been up since last night cursing the fact that we can’t beat any of our PSN rivals' high scores. Grrrr. Still, the...

  • News Evolution Studios Talks MotorStorm RC's Stunning Price


    Sony left Nintendo sputtering in the dust when it announced the price points of first party download-only PlayStation Network titles for PS Vita last week. Most surprising was MotorStorm RC's emergence as the cheapest in the pack at just £4.79. Don't associate that price with a lack of content, though. MotorStorm RC contains 16...

  • Talking Point Are Vita's PSN Prices Right?

    Pocket money

    At the start of this week Sony announced UK prices of PS Vita’s download-exclusive launch titles, dazzling fans with low costs of entry. MotorStorm RC will skid onto your memory card for just £4.79, while Top Darts, Hustle Kings and Super Stardust

  • News Sony Prices PS Vita Download Titles Low

    What were you saying about smartphones?

    Sony’s announced the UK prices for its first batch of downloadable PlayStation Vita titles, and the news is good. Very good, in fact. Come 22nd February you’ll be able to snap up a copy of MotorStorm RC for a measly £4.79. It’s worth noting that splashing out on the isometric racer will not only reward...

  • Feature The Positives and Negatives of PS Vita

    Good news, bad news

    PS Vita is nearly upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited. Here at Push Square we've decided to pick our most anticipated elements of Sony’s new handheld baby before it hits stores, from new online approaches to all those control methods, plus more. We've also bashed out a few of our quibbles and concerns, too. Which parts...

  • News Competitive Play Races into MotorStorm RC

    Evolution inspired by Autolog

    MotorStorm RC’s heavily publicised cross-platform compatibility might not be quite what we had in mind when the game was first announced, but the title’s still shaping up to be a delightful downloadable treat. Nothing evidences that better than this brand new trailer, which shows off the game’s Playground – a...


  • First Impressions MotorStorm RC


    When you think MotorStorm you think big cars, off-road mayhem and more collisions than an engine can rev at. Peep in the direction of Evolution Studios’ PS Vita/PlayStation Network title, however, and something far different than expected can be found. Sure, there’s the occasional bump, and driving definitely takes place off-road...

  • Interview Evolution Studios - MotorStorm RC

    Get to grips with the little guys

    Vita won't be short on racing games at launch, but Evolution Studios' MotorStorm RC is doing something a bit different, downsizing the off-road series into remote-controlled cars. We recently got to speak to game director Paul Rustchynsky about cross-platform play, pricing and why Evolution made a mini MotorStorm...

  • News MotorStorm RC's Cross-Platform Play is Not Simultaneous

    No Vita-PS3 head-to-head

    The much-vaunted cross-platform play between PlayStation 3 and PS Vita features in MotorStorm RC, Evolution Studios' first handheld outing, but you can't race the two games against each other. We recently spoke to MotorStorm RC game director Paul Rustchynsky about the upcoming racer where he confirmed the PS3 and Vita owners...


  • News MotorStorm RC Trailer Races into View

    New details emerge

    Yesterday we brought you news that a new MotorStorm title was screeching its way onto Vita and today we’ve got the scoop on what we’ll be seeing in this exciting new entry to the series. Where the latest instalment in the series, MotorStorm: Apocalypse went bigger than ever, MotorStorm RC does the exact opposite and makes the...