Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation Vita

  • US 22nd Feb 2012
  • EU 22nd Feb 2012
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Michael Jackson: The Experience Screenshot
Michael Jackson: The Experience Screenshot
Michael Jackson: The Experience Screenshot
Michael Jackson: The Experience Screenshot
Michael Jackson: The Experience Screenshot
Michael Jackson: The Experience Screenshot

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About The Game

Experience the excitement and the magic of Michael Jackson’s iconic music videos and short films in the palm of your hand in spectacular high definition graphics and sound.

Michael Jackson The Experience for PlayStation® Vita invites players on a spectacularinteractive journey through 15 of the King of Pop’s most legendary hits.

Built exclusively for the PlayStation Vita and true to Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking and visionary work, Michael Jackson The Experience introduces a brand new way of playing rhythm games, an experience as close as it gets to dancingon a portable console.

Key Features

Experience a more natural way to play rhythm games. Draw a series of shapes with your fingers on the PlayStation Vita multi touch pads according to the beat and choreography of the Michael Jackson avatar. Lean into the moves as you use the gyroscopic functionality to trigger special dance sequences.

Rediscover environments from 15 of Michael Jackson’s classic music videos in superb,high definition graphics. Perform legendary choreographies in these faithfully recreated signature settings: The ghoul-infested graveyard from“Thriller,”the luxurious Palace of the Pharaoh from “Remember the Time,” the seedy underworld night club from “Smooth Criminal,” and many more. And when it’s time to take a break from the dancing, gorgeous cinematic cut scenes retell these fantastic stories in eye-popping detail and with special effects.

Dance your way to glory. Pull off flawless performances and beat multiple varied challenges to climb the ranks and become a legend. Unlock tons of cool collectibles and rewards including alternative outfits, spectacular special effects, power-up gloves to improve your score, badges for bragging rights, and more! Compare your scores with othersin song-based leaderboards.

Have fun whether you’re a casual rhythm game player or a seasoned veteran. Three difficulty levels make this game accessible and enjoyable for everyone, with the hardest difficulty setting being truly addictive and challenging to master.

Battle your friends, Vita to Vita, over the Wi-Fi connection in Dance Battle mode. Use your skills and special moves to enhance your score and come out victorious.