Killzone: Mercenary

Killzone: Mercenary


PlayStation Vita
Sony Computer Entertainment
Guerrilla Cambridge


Game Rating

User Ratings: 94

Our Review: 8/10

Killzone: Mercenary News




  • News Killzone: Mercenary Online Servers Haven't Actually Been Turned Off

    False alarm

    Over the weekend, you may have read reports that Sony had turned off the multiplayer servers for PlayStation Vita exclusive Killzone: Mercenary all of a sudden. Players reported that they were unable to connect to online matches, with one particular user questioning customer support staff on the topic. They apparently confirmed that the...








  • Store Update 4th September 2013 (Europe)

    War chest

    Europeans eyeing North America’s impressive PlayStation Store update this week need not feel jealous anymore, as there’s a cavalcade of content available overseas, too. Titles include Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Diablo III, and this particular author’s highlight, Farming Simulator 2013. There’s also


  • GamesCom 2013 Killzone: Mercenary Does It All for the Money

    Pound land

    Forget pride and honour – Killzone: Mercenary refuses to whip out its weapons for anything less than a suitcase stacked to the seams with cash. With the public beta already in operation, you’re probably too busy actually popping Helghast helmets to watch another trailer, but this does show off some of the more extravagant set-pieces...

  • News Killzone: Mercenary Beta Opens for Brutal Business Next Week

    Sharpen up soldier

    Those of you not lucky enough to infiltrate Killzone: Mercenary’s private multiplayer beta earlier in the year will unlock access to the online stress test next week. Guerrilla Cambridge will be recruiting PlayStation Plus members from 20th August in North America and 21st August in Europe, followed by everyone else from 27th...

  • News Not in the Killzone: Mercenary Beta? Watch These Videos

    Helghast hath no fury

    Publishers are usually eager to clamp down on errant beta footage, but Sony seems more than happy to let these Killzone: Mercenary videos do the rounds. The chunky clips – captured by Rajman Gaming – show off various matches of Warzone in the upcoming handheld shooter. But does the game still look the business in...


  • News Check Your Inboxes, Killzone: Mercenary Beta Codes Are Go

    Keep calm and slaughter some Higs

    If you’re reading this, you’re doing it wrong. We’re all for decreasing so-called bounce rates and increasing reader retention (those of you in the business will understand), but right now the only thing on your screen should be your email inbox. Sony has confirmed that it’s currently deploying Killzone:...

  • News Killzone: Mercenary Looks the Business, We Can Prove It


    We’ve paid Killzone: Mercenary a fair amount of attention over the past few days – and have been itching to give you a closer look at the game. If you haven’t read our hands-on preview just yet, divert your orange peepers through here, and then shimmy back to this page for a brand new batch of screens captured directly from our...

  • First Impressions Killzone: Mercenary Is the Vita Shooter That You've Been Waiting For

    Pride and Pyrrhus

    Ever since we first nestled our thumbs on the PlayStation Vita’s petite but precise analogue sticks, we’ve been gunning for a good first-person shooter. Nihilistic Software did the best that it could with a bad hand, deploying Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified into a regrettable crossfire of...

  • News Sony Needs Soldiers to Aid Its Killzone: Mercenary Beta Effort

    Stand to attention

    Look sharp budding militant: Sony is searching for a slew of eager recruits to take part in the upcoming Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer beta. To participate, all you’ll need to do is fill out this simple survey in North America, or login through here in Europe. You’ll have until 14:00PM PDT/22:00PM BST on 17th July to...


  • News Killzone: Mercenary Plots Warzone's Welcome Return

    Eliminate the enemy

    Warzone is such a good multiplayer mode that we’re surprised that it hasn’t been copied by more developers. For those unfamiliar with the Killzone competitive staple, it’s a team-based affair that includes dynamic objectives. So, one minute you might be playing Team Deathmatch, and the next minute Search and Destroy. The...

  • E3 2013 PlayStation Home Offers Early Access to Killzone: Mercenary's Beta

    Tons of other cool goodies up for grabs

    Not everyone’s lucky enough to attend E3 in Los Angeles – but PlayStation Home annually offers the next best thing. Sure, the real convention may not be filled with shirtless avatars performing the running man in front of favourably proportioned polygonal ladies, but you’re going to want to visit this...


  • News New Killzone: Mercenary Screens Show What the Vita Can Do

    Pick up your jaw

    In most cases, an image says more than words ever can. That’s particularly true with these brand new Killzone: Mercenary screenshots. We could type out a mini-dissertation explaining why the PlayStation Vita exclusive is shaping up to be the best looking handheld game ever released, but we don’t really need to. One look at these...

  • News Killzone: Mercenary Steps Outside of Grand Theft Auto V's Shadow

    Sony moves release date forwards

    Launching alongside Grand Theft Auto V was never going to do Killzone: Mercenary any favours – and Sony has acknowledged that by moving the PlayStation Vita exclusive’s release date forwards. The title will now deploy on 4th September in Europe and 10th September in North America. It makes a change for Europe to...

  • News New Killzone: Mercenary Trailer Gets Down to Business

    Blood money

    We’re worried that Sony’s going to point its own hired guns in our general direction, as this brand new Killzone: Mercenary trailer doesn’t look like it should have gone live yet. Still, it shows off another minute of the hotly anticipated PlayStation Vita exclusive, and plays up the game’s underlying commercial aspect. The...



  • News Killzone: Mercenary Pre-orders Unlock Blackjack's Briefcase

    Elite enhancements

    If you’re eager to earn an early advantage on the battlefield, then you might want to consider pre-ordering your copy of Killzone: Mercenary. Online retailer has revealed that by registering your interest in the upcoming first-person shooter, you'll unlock Blackjack’s Briefcase, which boasts some beefy bonuses...

  • Talking Point Killzone: Mercenary Concludes a Killer Week for PS Vita

    Back in the zone

    It’s not been the best first year for the PlayStation Vita. Shunned in its home territory and disregarded overseas, the powerful portable has struggled to secure a foothold in the brutal video game market. But there have been signs this week that the system is not dead and buried yet, and while there’s still a long road ahead...

  • News Killzone: Mercenary Pays Out with Explosive Gameplay Trailer

    Big bucks

    Oh, this is good. Sony has released a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Killzone: Mercenary – and it looks absolutely amazing. Just a reminder in case you’re skipping ahead to the video: this is a PlayStation Vita game. Alright, you can go ahead and watch it now, just make sure you scroll back up for all of the details...

  • News Killzone: Mercenary Breaches Polish Magazine Cover

    Details deploying soon

    Polish magazine PSX Extreme has released some brand new information about the upcoming PlayStation Vita first-person shooter, Killzone: Mercenary. According to the publication, the title is built upon the same engine as Killzone 3, meaning that it looks absolutely staggering. It’s thought that the release will rival


  • Rumour Killzone Dialogue Prompts Sequel Speculation

    Sons and daughters

    Love it or hate it, the Killzone franchise is here to stay. Guerrilla Games’ oppressive first-person shooter series is one of Sony’s biggest sellers, with a Vita title expected to be deployed later this year. If new information obtained by website Siliconera is to be believed, that handheld spin-off could take place directly...