Child of Light

Child of Light


PlayStation Vita
Ubisoft Montreal


Game Rating

User Ratings: 45

Our Review: 8/10

Child of Light News


  • Store Update 1st July 2014 (North America)

    Quick, catch up

    July has somehow already arrived with gusto – and Sony has deployed a brand new batch of PlayStation Store goodies to celebrate. Yes, we’re a little late with North America’s latest update, but sports organisers will insist on running the World Cup and Wimbledon at the same time. Thank heavens this only happens once every four...


  • News Child of Light Points a Beacon in the Direction of PS Vita

    Aurora in wonderland

    When we reviewed Child of Light back in April, many pondered whether the resplendent role-playing game would extend to the PlayStation Vita. While publisher Ubisoft was coy at the time, it’s now confirmed that Igniculus and crew are set to march onto Sony’s handheld system in July, giving you yet another reason to return to...