Also Known As
Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip
Number of Players
Release Date

PlayStation Portable

  • US 29th Jun 2010
  • EU 30th Apr 2010


  • Review Everybody's Tennis (PlayStation Portable)

    If you've ever wished for an old-school RPG where the battle system's replaced by smashes and strawberries and cream, then Everybody's Tennis will be a dream come true

    This is a fun (and surprisingly deep) sports game dressed in an uber-cutesy Japanese exterior. The Everybody's (or Hot Shots if you're an American type) franchise has always been...

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Everybody's Tennis Screenshot
Everybody's Tennis Screenshot
Everybody's Tennis Screenshot
Everybody's Tennis Screenshot
Everybody's Tennis Screenshot
Everybody's Tennis Screenshot
Everybody's Tennis Screenshot
Everybody's Tennis Screenshot
Everybody's Tennis Screenshot
Everybody's Tennis Screenshot

Everybody's Tennis News

  • Feature What Do You Mean You've Never Played... Everybody's Tennis?

    Absolutely ace

    Contrary to what some will tell you, the PlayStation Portable had some bloody good games, and among the best of these was and still is Everybody's Tennis – or, as it's known in North America, Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip. Developed by Japanese studio Clap Hanz, it's a supremely polished, accessible, and downright addictive tennis...

  • News Hacked PSP Titles Return to PSN

    Perfect storm

    Popular PSP titles MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Everybody’s Tennis are now available from the PlayStation Store again. The games were removed from the digital storefront after hackers found a way to run exploits through the PSP emulator on Vita. If you’ve already purchased the titles, they should now be accessible from your download...

  • News Everybody's Tennis Pulled from PS Store Due to Piracy Exploit

    Oh no

    Backwards compatibility is a big problem. If a system doesn’t have it, then people complain. And if a system does have it, then hackers instantly get to work looking for vulnerabilities in legacy software. That’s exactly what has happened to the brilliant Everybody’s Tennis, with Sony pulling the colourful PSP sports title off the...

About The Game

Clap Hanz, creators of the critically acclaimed and multi-million unit selling Everybody's Golf series, serves yet another exciting addition to one of the most beloved gaming franchises in the industry with the new Everybody's Tennis.

Complete with signature over-the-top visuals and pick-up-and-play fun, franchise fans will now be able to take the action on the go with original characters, new exotic court locations, fun-filled game modes, providing the wackiest tennis experience on the PSP to date. Incorporating gameplay balanced with fast-paced tennis action and strategy, players can not only engage in single-player modes to soar through the ranks , but take part in challenge modes and match-up play against friends (up to 4 people via ad-hoc). Mirroring the fun from Everybody's Golf, players will also be able to customize and power-up their characters with unlockable collectibles available throughout the game.

Multiple Characters to Choose - players can choose from a cast of wacky characters, all with distinct personalities and tennis skills.
Spectacular Court Locations - Play on courts in various exotic locations around the world.
Fun Unlockable Items - Customize and power-up each player with a plethora of collectibles unlocked throughout each game mode.
Two-Player or Four-Player Doubles Matches - Players can compete head-to-head in a quick match against the computer or a friend, or engage in a doubles session (4 players) where fun and style go hand-in-hand with match strategy.
Signature Hot Shots Look and Feel - From the zany character behaviors and designs to the colorful locales, dramatic camera angles, and realistic physics, Everybody's Tennis delivers tennis action that fans of the franchise have come to expect.