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  • News Returnal's Save System Still Being Investigated, New Content in the Works

    Housemarque still not sure on best approach to save issues

    Returnal is one of the best PlayStation 5 games you can buy right now, but it has had one major criticism levelled at it: its save system – or lack thereof. Currently, the only way to retain your progress during a run is to put your console in Rest Mode, but this creates all kinds of...

  • Talking Point Returnal Story and Ending Explained - What Does It All Mean?

    Let's get spoilery

    Returnal has been out on PlayStation 5 now for a while, which means that a bunch of you have hopefully reached its conclusion by now. A big part of the game's appeal, aside from its slick bullet hell action, is its intriguing, mysterious story. Who exactly is Selene? Why has she ended up on the hostile planet Atropos? What's with...

  • Poll What Review Score Would You Give Returnal?

    The cycle repeats

    Returnal has been out for just over a week now, and the PlayStation 5 exclusive has been met with a wave of positivity. Just before launch, most reviews painted the intense shooter as a near essential purchase on Sony's new system — but what review score would you give Returnal? That's what we're here to find out. We gave the...

  • News Returnal Patch 1.3.6 Available Now on PS5, Fixes Lots of Common Issues and Crashes

    The cycle continues

    Housemarque is being put through its paces, as its PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal has been causing trouble with various bugs. A number of players have been hit with some pretty nasty problems, like doors not opening, the inability to pick up items, and game crashes. While those crashes might be a problem on Sony's side, it...

  • News Returnal Patch 1.3.4 Available Now on PS5, Fixes Nasty Save Errors

    New update ready to rock

    Update: Overnight, patch 1.3.4 for Returnal went live, which promises to fix the save-related issues the previous update introduced. So, just update your game to the latest version (the patch is roughly 1GB in size), and your progress will be a-okay — plus, you can enjoy the various bug fixes that 1.3.3 was intended to...

  • Random Dev Cheat Codes Discovered in Returnal Let You Spawn Weapons and Re-Roll Biomes

    But a patch is coming

    Here's a pretty fascinating story for you. Returnal, the excellent arcade shooter rogue-like from Housemarque, is generally resonating well among players, but there are some struggling with the difficulty and its perma-death structure. If you're in that camp, and wish there was a way to make things a little easier for yourself,...

  • Guide Returnal: How to Complete Biome Surveys

    How to unlock Survey Trophies in Returnal

    How do you do the Surveys in Returnal? How do you complete the biome surveys and unlock the survey Trophies? In Returnal, there are six Gold Trophies that you only unlock when you finish surveys of each of the game's areas. Trophies such as Past the Ruins, Ascending the Mountain, and Through the Forgotten...

  • Guide Returnal: Where to Find All Sunface Fragments

    How to get all the Sunface Fragments in Returnal

    Where are all the Sunface Fragments in Returnal? How do you find the Sunface Fragments? As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to tell you all about the Sunface Fragments, and what you need to do to get them. Returnal: Where to Find All Sunface Fragments: In Act 3 of Returnal (after you roll...

  • Guide Returnal: How to Break Yellow Barriers

    How to open yellow force fields in Returnal

    How do you break the yellow barriers in Returnal? What do you need to open and get through the yellow energy walls? As you play Returnal, you'll notice some yellow barriers that are blocking off optional rooms or concealing useful items. How do you get through these yellow walls? As part of our Returnal...

  • News Returnal Crashes May Be Sony's Problem, Other Bugs Being Investigated

    Crash landing

    While it’s certainly not affecting everyone, a number of Returnal players are experiencing crashes while playing the game. This is something Housemarque has acknowledged, although it’s suggested that the PlayStation 5 is the problem – and not necessarily the game. Writing on Discord, a spokesperson said: “This is an issue with...


  • News Housemarque Acknowledges Request for Mid-Run Saves in Returnal

    Halted progress

    Currently, you can’t save and quit in Returnal, meaning the only way to pause your progress mid-run is to put your PlayStation 5 in Rest Mode. Consequently, if you’re putting together a good attempt but run out of time – maybe you have a Netflix date or something – then you’re going to have to close the game and start over...

  • News Returnal Impresses with Particle Effects and Smooth Performance in Technical Breakdown

    Digital Foundry puts it through its paces

    Housemarque has always made games with oodles of style, focusing on eye-popping visual effects and sturdy performance. In this new video from Digital Foundry, the studio is clearly sticking to what it knows best with Returnal, pushing the PlayStation 5 with its custom Unreal Engine 4 tech. The technical...

  • News Housemarque Provides an Overview of Returnal in 30-Minute Gameplay Video

    Developer deep dive

    Returnal releases today exclusively on PlayStation 5, and we think it's a belter. The addictive arcade shooter seems to have made a big impression across the board, but if you need more convincing, perhaps this video will give you a better idea. In this new gameplay presentation, developer Housemarque discusses the game's basics...

  • News Returnal's Day One Patch Is 10GB, Improves Performance, Fixes Bugs, and More

    Ship shape

    Returnal is on the brink of release on PlayStation 5, and the good news is it's an excellent arcade shooter. Housemarque's latest is its biggest game by far, and it combines the studio's arcade expertise with a third person perspective and rogue-like elements to great effect. For our review, we played the game without the day one patch,...

  • Guide Returnal: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum

    How to get all the Trophies in Returnal

    In this Returnal Trophy roadmap, we're going to reveal how to unlock the Platinum Trophy in this PS5 exclusive shooter. As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to outline all the Trophies in the game, complete with their descriptions and how to get each one. We've also included a Trophy roadmap, outlining...

  • Guide Returnal Guide: Tips, Tricks, and All You Need to Know

    How to survive and thrive in Returnal on PS5

    Returnal is a PS5 exclusive third-person shooter from Finnish developer Housemarque. It's a fast-paced, challenging run n' gunner with rogue-lite elements, and we love it, awarding it a 9/10 in our review. In this Returnal guide, we will be going over everything in the game. We'll explain how to earn

  • Guide Returnal: All Bosses and How to Beat Them

    How to kill every boss in Returnal

    How do you kill all the bosses in Returnal? As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to tell you how to beat every boss fight in the game. If you're looking for some tips and advice on how to defeat all the bosses, we've got all that lined up for you below. Of course, beating boss battles will earn you a few...

  • Guide Returnal: How to Get Into the House

    How to unlock the door to the House

    How do you get inside the House in Returnal on PS5? How do you unlock the door to the House? As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to tell you how to get into the mysterious House that shows up throughout the game. If you intend to get the Platinum Trophy for Returnal, you'll need to gain access to the House...

  • Guide Returnal: How to Unlock Daily Challenge Mode

    How to unlock the Simulation mode in Returnal

    How do you unlock the Daily Challenge mode in Returnal? How can you play the daily Simulation Mode? In Returnal, you can play a Daily Challenge in addition to the main campaign. But how do you gain access to it? As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to explain how you can unlock the Simulation Mode...

  • Guide Returnal: Do You Have to Fight the Bosses More Than Once?

    Can you skip boss fights in Returnal?

    Do bosses stay dead in Returnal on PS5? Can you skip past boss fights once you've done them? As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to answer these questions right here, so you know what you're getting yourself into. If you're looking for advice on fighting the bosses, see our guide — Returnal: All Bosses...

  • Guide Returnal: What Do You Lose When You Die?

    What you keep and what you don't when you die in Returnal

    What do you lose when you die in Returnal? Do you lose absolutely everything and start fresh? Are there permanent upgrades? As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to outline what exactly happens when you die in this game. Read on to learn what is kept and what is lost when a run is over...

  • Guide Returnal: How to Not Die

    How to extend your runs in Returnal

    How do you stay alive longer in Returnal? How can you keep your runs going for longer stretches? Returnal is inarguably a difficult game, and its structure means you will die frequently, and go at it again and again. While this is expected — it is a rogue-lite game after all — it can inevitably cause some...

  • Guide Returnal: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

    How many hours long is Returnal?

    How long does it take to beat Returnal on PS5? How much time will you need to finish Returnal? Housemarque's rogue-lite shooter may not look it, but the game is a surprisingly lengthy experience. As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to tell you roughly how long it'll take to reach the end of the game...

  • Guide Returnal: Can You Save and Quit?

    Can you resume a run after quitting?

    Can you save and quit in Returnal? Can you save a run part way through and come back to it? As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to answer your questions about preserving game progress, saving, and quitting. If you're looking for tips on how to stay alive in the game for longer, see our guide — Returnal:...

  • Guide Returnal: How Many Biomes Are There?

    How many different levels are there in Returnal?

    How many biomes are there in Returnal? How many different environments are there to discover? As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to tell you the number of different levels there are to explore, giving you their names and a brief description. Returnal: How Many Biomes Are There?: There are...

  • Guide Returnal: Can You Get Back to Earlier Levels?

    How you can return to the first biomes in Returnal

    Is there a way to get back to earlier levels in Returnal? How can you revisit the first few biomes? If you've been playing Returnal and have reached Act 2, you'll find yourself in an unusual situation — you have a new starting point. As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to explain what's...

  • News Housemarque Thanks Sony for Supporting the 'Very Risky' Returnal

    "We are forever grateful"

    There was a time when Housemarque’s future looked uncertain. Having designed some of PlayStation’s most memorable games, disappointing Nex Machina sales prompted the studio to declare #ArcadeIsDead. You may recall, the Finnish team turned its attention to Battle Royale title Stormdivers, but it was quietly pitching...

  • News Returnal's Ready for Release with Intriguing PS5 Launch Trailer

    Over and over

    Here it is, then: the last Returnal trailer before launch. This one mixes mysterious cinematics with some breakneck gameplay clips – crikey do some of these enemies look awesome! Housemarque’s blockbuster PlayStation 5 exclusive will launch this week, and we’ve got a review incoming imminently. In the meantime, you can check out...

  • News Even Returnal's Fast Travel Animation Is Impressive

    Hardly any load times either

    It really feels like the conversation surrounding Returnal has changed drastically ever since media outlets, including our lovely selves, shared hands on impressions based on the game's first two biomes. What once was a lot of chatter about its price has now become a discussion about how good it looks as we near launch...

  • Poll Will You Be Buying Returnal?

    Let's do the time warp again

    With exactly one week to go until the arrival of the PlayStation 5's first big exclusive title since launch, it's time to answer the all-important question: will you be buying Returnal? To give you a better idea of what to expect from Housemarque's latest rogue-like experience, we recommend you first check out our Hands...

  • News Returnal PS5 Pre-Load Available Now, Weighs in at 56GB

    Atropos awaits

    If pre-release trailers and coverage have done enough to convince you to pre-order Returnal, you can get ahead of the game by pre-loading the PlayStation 5 exclusive right now. Of course, you must have pre-ordered on the PS Store to enable this functionality, but those who haven't yet still have the option to do so between now and the...

  • News Returnal Runs at 60 FPS in Dynamic 4K with Raytraced Lighting on PS5

    A showpiece

    Returnal is a stunner in motion, and a new promotional piece attaches some specifications to the visual splendour. As we confirmed in our hands on, the release is running at 60 frames-per-second in dynamic 4K – but it’s also using the PlayStation 5’s raytracing technology to bump up the li

  • Hands On Why You Should Be Hyped for Returnal, the Next Great PS5 Exclusive

    Helios abandoned

    Returnal is easily the biggest game Housemarque has made to date. It's important to remember that the team behind this sci-fi shooter is relatively small, but the game is being positioned alongside other key PlayStation 5 software like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls. In some ways, it's an unfair equivalence,...

  • News Returnal Trophy List Spawns Another Easy Platinum from Sony

    Survey, progress, die

    It has become very clear over the past few years that Sony wants its Trophy lists to be straightforward and achievable for the vast majority of players. When you even have some users who won't buy a game because the Platinum trinket is too tough to unlock, it's easy to understand why. And so after MLB The Show 21 revealed...

  • News Returnal's Latest Dev Diary Discusses Enemies and Bosses, Shows New Gameplay

    Almost there

    The latest (and probably last) episode of the HouseCast is here. This dev diary series has shone a light on Returnal, the upcoming sci-fi shooter from Finnish studio Housemarque. Each episode contains some insight from the team, as well as some snippets of fresh gameplay footage. The most recent is all about the enemies and bosses...

  • News New Returnal PS5 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Some Creepy Enemies and Bosses

    Tentacles everywhere

    Update 2: It looks like Sony's found the right button to push at last. The new Returnal trailer is back, and we've embedded the YouTube video above for your viewing pleasure. What a kerfuffle! Update: Ah. It seems the video made it to the Internet a little earlier than planned, as it's just been pulled. We did suspect it was a...

  • News Returnal Gets New PS5 Gameplay Footage in Another Housemarque Dev Diary

    The HouseCast returns

    Sony's next major PlayStation 5 exclusive is right around the corner. We've known about Returnal since its unveiling last summer, and we're now just a few weeks away from the latest effort from Housemarque. We've seen a fair amount of the sci-fi shooter, but if you're desperate for more, watch the latest HouseCast dev diary,...


  • News The Latest Returnal Trailer Is One of Its Best Yet

    Break the loop

    We're less than one month away from the PlayStation 5 launch of Returnal now, which means the full marketing cycle is really starting to kick into gear. This latest trailer comes courtesy of the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel and it's all about breaking the loop. This is a rogue-lite experience at the very least, after all. We...

  • News Feast Your Eyes on New Footage from PS5's Returnal

    Eternal Returnal

    Returnal is one of those games that you just know is going to feel great – even if some of its other elements are up for debate. As part of the Future Games Show, developer Housemarque popped by to present its upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive, and there are some new gameplay snippets to enjoy. While the Finnish outfit largely...

  • News Returnal Goes Gold Ahead of Late April PS5 Release

    Prepare for launch

    Well, here's at least one PlayStation 5 game we can say for certain we'll be playing this year. Developer Housemarque has announced that PS5 exclusive Returnal has officially gone gold, meaning work on the base game is complete and ready to be shipped. The Finish team shared the news on Twitter, where it also thanked everyone who...

  • News Returnal on PS5 Has a Neat Asynchronous Online Feature

    Just a dash of Dark Souls

    Here's a detail you may have missed during yesterday's update on Returnal. We got a great new story trailer, but over on the PlayStation Blog, narrative director Greg Louden went into a little more detail. Much of the post contains stuff we already know, but one interesting nugget of info was hidden in plain sight. While y

  • News Returnal Story Trailer Reveals More Roguelike Goodness

    Housemarque shares further details

    Developer Housemarque is back to talk more about upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal, starting with a new story trailer you can catch above. Expanding on some of the plot points we've caught glimpses of in previous pieces of footage, a few new scenes are teased alongside more fast-paced gameplay. It's shaping...



  • News Sony Delays Returnal to 30th April for Extra Polish

    Rogue-like made to wait a month

    Housemarque's PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal has been delayed out of March to 30th April 2021. The joint decision, made by the developer and Sony, will allow the team to further polish the rogue-like experience. Over on Twitter, the official PlayStation Twitter account posted a statement saying: "Returnal has a new...

  • News PS5 Exclusive Returnal Will, Unsurprisingly, Have Near Instant Respawns

    Dead nation

    Returnal is, despite its big-budget production values, effectively a roguelite – and that means it relies on lightning fast loading times to get you back into the action as quickly as possible. Of course, rapid loading is one of the PlayStation 5’s flagship features, and so it should come as no surprise that the title will be...

  • News Pre-Order Returnal on PS5 to Unlock These In-Game Costumes

    Here's what they look like

    Returnal sees developer Housemarque going back to its arcade roots, and the game is shaping up well so far. This third person shooter blends together fast-paced, responsive gunplay with various rogue-lite elements, and we're hoping for an entertaining, highly replayable romp. It's Housemarque's biggest game yet, and we...