Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21


PlayStation 5
EA Sports
EA Tiburon


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User Ratings: 17

Our Review: 6/10

Madden NFL 21 News



  • News Madden NFL 21 Will Host This Year's Pro Bowl

    It's in the game

    For those of you who don’t know, the Pro Bowl is an annual exhibition match designed to celebrate the best players from the NFL each season. It sees the top stars and coaches from the NFC and the AFC duking it out in a one-off game, and historically takes place on the weekend before the Super Bowl. This year, of course,...

  • News Madden NFL 21 Adds SpongeBob SquarePants Stadium, Challenges, Clothing

    Gameplay challenges inspired by Nickelodeon show

    Update: As promised, EA Sports has released an update for Madden NFL 21 which goes further than we ever anticipated with the SpongeBob SquarePants content. As of today, you'll find a new arena in the yard: SpongeBob Reef-Top. This is, as you'd expect, packed with references to the Nickelodeon show...

  • News Madden NFL 21 Makes Some Adjustments to Franchise Mode

    Pick six

    Back when Madden NFL 21 was under the microscope last year, EA Sports promised that it was committed to improving the popular Franchise Mode over the course of the season. Now as we near the NFL playoffs, the developer is rolling out a major update for the title that will make some minor but appreciated tweaks to the campaign. The headl





  • News Madden NFL 21 Sparks Fresh #FixMaddenFranchise Campaign

    As EA Play trial gets ripped to pieces

    Madden NFL 21 is nowhere near as bad as its Reddit community would lead you to believe, but football fans are frustrated with the state of the series. The new release attracted ire earlier in the year when it announced that the updates for Franchise mode expand to X-Factor abilities and an extended Wild Card...

  • News Madden Embraces NFL Street with The Yard

    New mode is all about backyard football

    Madden NFL 21 will follow in FIFA’s footsteps and incorporate its own adaptation of the street-focused Volta football mode named The Yard. Inspired by backyard football, this brand new option introduces its own rules and progression, challenging you to develop your own avatar in 6v6 matches where the centre...




  • News Watch Six Seconds of Madden NFL 21 Next-Gen Gameplay

    Into the endzone

    Is it gameplay? Probably not, but that’s what EA Sports is describing this six-second look at Madden NFL 21 to be, so we’ll take the publisher’s word for it. Much of this trailer taken from Microsoft’s big Inside Xbox showcase centres on Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes but we are treated to a teensy glimpse of...