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  • News Battlefield 2042's Massive Maps to Be Totally Overhauled

    DICE making fundamental changes based on feedback

    Battlefield 2042 has had a rough time of it. Leading up to the game's release, it was looking like a strong return to form for the multiplayer shooter in many ways, but at launch, it didn't quite live up to the promise. Fans have been voicing their concerns and frustrations ever since. Fortunately,...





  • Poll Did You Buy Battlefield 2042?

    Out here in the Battlefield

    'Tis the season for first-person shooters, and EA's back with another Battlefield this year. Battlefield 2042 has divided opinion during its pre-launch phase, both with critics and consumers. There's a general sense that 2042 has been rushed to market, but EA and developer DICE have promised long-term support. The game's...

  • Guide Battlefield 2042 Release Dates: How to Play Early

    How to get a head-start in multiplayer

    How do you play Battlefield 2042 early? The official release date of Battlefield 2042 is 19th November 2021, but if you want to get a head-start in multiplayer, then you'll want to know how to play early. There are a few ways you can begin levelling your account up before launch day. In this Battlefield 2042...

  • Round Up Battlefield 2042 Reviews Share Early PC Impressions

    PS5, PS4 console code not available yet

    Battlefield 2042 is out tomorrow for PlayStation 5 and PS4 if you've picked up either the Gold or Ultimate Edition, but it looks like select outlets have gotten their hands on the online FPS early via PC code. Today they've been allowed to post reviews based on those few days of playtime. This opportunity...

  • News Battlefield 2042 PS5, PS4 Pre-Load Available Now

    For Gold and Ultimate Edition buyers

    If you've pre-ordered either the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition of Battlefield 2042 on the PlayStation Store, you should now be able to pre-load the game ahead of its early access release this Friday. The option went live at midnight in your local time zone, with a 43.293GB download and install triggered. If...

  • News Battlefield 2042 Trophies Will Turn You into a Future Soldier

    No dedicated Portal trinkets

    Hot on the heels of Call of Duty: Vanguard revealing its Trophy list, Battlefield 2042 has done the very same thing. The list is focused entirely on multiplayer since EA DICE hasn't included a single player campaign this time, meaning you'll need an online connection to start earning them. Basic gongs include reaching...

  • News Battlefield 2042 Has Some Pretty Diverse Maps in Latest Trailer

    Cold as ice

    Battlefield 2042 is fast approaching now, with just over two weeks to go until launch. From day one, the game will feature seven large scale multiplayer maps, with more to obviously follow later on. We already know about Orbital, the huge map with a rocket launch as its focal point, and now EA is showing off three more in this latest...



  • News Battlefield 2042 Beta Finally Coming Next Week on PS5, PS4

    Play Conquest on Orbital

    The Battlefield 2042 open beta will finally get underway next week, EA has confirmed. Availability depends entirely on whether you have pre-ordered the game or have an active EA Play membership, but everyone will eventually gain access to the ability to play the Conquest mode on new map Orbital. The trailer above sets the...

  • News EA Confirms Battlefield 2042 Delay to November

    The 19th to be precise

    Update: Following the claims made by insiders over the past 24 hours, EA DICE has confirmed Battlefield 2042 will be delayed. The game now releases on 19th November 2021, and an update on the open beta will arrive later this month. Taking to Twitter, the development team said: "Building the next generation of Battlefield...




  • News Bots Will Pad Out Battlefield 2042's 128 Player PS5 Servers


    In the PlayStation 5 version at least, Battlefield 2042 will host up to 128 players simultaneously, but in order to keep servers full it will be populating any empty slots with bots. According to developer DICE – as per a report by The Verge – the title will prioritise humans, so it’s possible that during peak play hours you may never...

  • News Battlefield 2042 Online Gameplay Blows Our Minds

    Near future warfare

    What do we need to do to get on EA's list as a Battlefield 2042 game tester? Seriously, we've got holiday time to take and the latest multiplayer shooter from DICE could fill it nicely. The FPS debuted some online action during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, sharing what the game will look like once you team up with...

  • News Battlefield 2042's First Year Will Be Marked by Four Battle Passes

    Battle it out

    Say what you will about developer DICE, but its post-release support is usually strong. Star Wars Battlefront 2 – a title rightly ridiculed at launch – blossomed into something spectacular once the Swedish studio was done with it, and Battlefield V also received some pretty impressive post-release additions as well. Battlefield...

  • News Battlefield 2042 Doesn't Have a Single Player Campaign on PS5, PS4

    Last-gen version has half the players

    If you were holding out hope for a single player campaign in Battlefield 2042, then don’t. EA has announced – alongside the reveal of the online shooter earlier today – that this release is all about its multiplayer. Justifying the decision in an interview with, design director Daniel Berlin...

  • News EA Play Members on PS5, PS4 Get Early Battlefield 2042 Beta Access, 10 Hour Free Trial


    If you subscribe to EA Play on either PlayStation 5 or PS4, you’ll be able to try out Battlefield 2042 with “early access” to the game’s open beta. You’ll also be able to put the first-person shooter through its paces with a 10-hour trial, scheduled to start on 15th October. Beyond that, you can expect monthly rewards and 10 per cent...

  • News Battlefield 2042 Goes Near Future on PS5 and PS4, Out in October

    Check out the reveal trailer

    Update: Following the leak earlier today, DICE has officially unveiled Battlefield 2042 with an announcement trailer. The gameplay reveal will take place on 13th June 2021. Check it out above, with extra information and screenshots available below. The game will not have a singleplayer campaign, and neither will there...

  • News New Battlefield Game Teases Flood Social Media

    System rebooting

    It's the video game industry, so of course you've got to tease your impending announcement as much as possible in the days leading up to it. The next Battlefield game, which is being referred to as Battlefield 2042 if recent claims are to be believed, is being teased across social media sites with short clips that do not really...

  • News Battlefield 6 Reveal Confirmed for 9th June

    Just before E3 season

    EA has confirmed it will finally lift the lid on Battlefield 6 on 9th June 2021. We don't know whether this reveal will take the form of a livestream or simple YouTube video, but it'll take place at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST / 7am PDT / 10am EDT on the aforementioned date. That's before any E3 or Summer Game Fest conferences take...


  • News Maybe Don't Expect a Battlefield 6 Reveal This Week

    EA tweets out teaser

    Update: EA DICE is here to throw a spanner in the works. The upcoming reveal of Battlefield 6 may not actually take place this week, since the developer has tweeted out that the announcement is essentially taking place in June. The publisher's EA Play digital showcase will likely host the reveal then. Original story: This...


  • News Next Battlefield Game Designed for PS5, Full Reveal Coming Soon

    Releasing this year

    The next entry in the Battlefield series will be launching this year, EA has confirmed, and it sounds like it'll be designed to take full advantage of the PlayStation 5. While developer DICE doesn't go so far as completely rule out a PS4 version, it states in a blog post: "Epic scale. All-out military warfare. Crazy, unexpected...


  • News EA Reiterates New Battlefield Game for 2021, Reveal in Spring

    Will take "full advantage" of PS5

    As part of EA's latest conference call, the publisher reiterated its plans to put out a new entry in the Battlefield franchise towards the end of this year. We've known for some time that the next instalment is in the works for a 2021 launch, but this reminder will be welcome news for fans who may have been worried...