Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon


PlayStation 4
Yakuza Studio


Game Rating

User Ratings: 98

Our Review: 8/10

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    It's a fresh month, which means a new batch of PS Plus Essential games is on the horizon. However, before we concern ourselves with September's goodies, let's not forget August's PS Plus lineup. Today, 5th September, is your last day to claim this trio and add them to your games library, and it's a selection you'll want...



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    Later, skater

    Following yet another leak, the PS Plus Essential monthly games for August 2022 have now been officially unveiled. It's the usual three games spread across PS5 and PS4, and there's something for everyone in this latest trio. August 2022's PS Plus Essential monthly games are: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 (PS5, PS4)


  • News Yakuza: Like a Dragon Sequel Announced and In Development

    Take your turn

    Just the other day, Yakuza and Judgment developer RGG Studio confirmed the departure of Toshihiro Nagoshi and Daisuke Sato — two SEGA veterans who helped shape the Yakuza series as we know it. The company has been restructured as a result, and the new team has already revealed what it's working on next. We all knew it was coming,...




  • News Yakuza: Like a Dragon Pokes Fun at Next-Gen Upgrades

    Crustacean AI, anyone?

    Listen, we know that this is predominately an Xbox trailer and PS5 players will have to wait until next year to get their free Yakuza: Like a Dragon upgrade, but this is still a fun video. The short but sweet clip starts by highlighting the benefits of next-gen hardware, before listing a bunch of dumb selling points like...

  • News Yakuza: Like a Dragon's Yokohama Map Is Bloody Huge

    Way bigger than Kamurocho

    Kamurocho, the infamous red light district that's featured in every mainline Yakuza game to date (and even Judgment), is one of our favourite places in gaming. We love it to bits, but at this point, its gaudy streets burned into our brains. Fortunately, the developer knows how to shake things up just enough, as it...

  • News Yakuza: Like a Dragon Looks Positively Barmy in New Trailer


    Either Yakuza: Like a Dragon is poised to become the best game ever made, or the person cutting its trailers is a genius. Whatever the case, you’ve got to watch this trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 5 action role-playing game – it’s bonkers! This video showcases many of the minigames you’ll encounter during your quest, some of...





  • News Yakuza: Like a Dragon Gameplay Is 15 Minutes of Turn-Based Mayhem

    Feel the power

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon represents a major departure for the franchise, but according to reviews of the Japanese version at least, it's still a really great game. The western version is currently scheduled to launch at the end of this year, it's even an Xbox Series X launch title, and this lengthy slice of footage is our best look at...



  • News 1 Year Ago Today, Yakuza Devs 'Joked' About a Turn Based Yakuza Game

    It was no joke

    One year ago today, on April Fool's Day 2019, SEGA's Yakuza series development team released an off-screen gameplay video of its next title. The footage showed Yakuza: Like a Dragon in action, except it had... Turn based combat? In a Yakuza game? At the time, we all thought it was just a joke. After all, it was the 1st April -- why...


  • News Yakuza: Like a Dragon Charges Just $0.60 for New Game+, But Rises to Nearly $9 in May


    This might be the most bizarre and suspect handling we've seen of a piece of DLC in quite some time. SEGA has stripped Yakuza: Like a Dragon of its New Game+ feature in Japan so that it can sell it back to purchasers at a later date after every previous entry had the mode packed in from launch. That's bad enough on its own, but the situation...

  • News Yakuza: Like a Dragon Ships Over 400,000 Units

    Breathing fire

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s sales looked disappointing at first blush in Japan, but between physical and digital copies, the role-playing game’s done okay for itself. SEGA reports that shipments have now exceeded 400,000 copies across Asia, and the publisher is marking the occasion with a 30 per cent discount on the Japanese...





  • News Yakuza: Like a Dragon's Japanese Box Art Is a Beauty

    The gang's all here

    SEGA has revealed the Japanese box art for Yakuza 7, or Yakuza: Like a Dragon, as it'll be titled here in the West. In typical series fashion, the cover features a bunch of prominent characters all looking suitably serious. The vibrant reds really set this one off, though. It's yet another reminder that Japan gets some...




  • News SEGA Press Conference Will Spill the Beans on the Next Yakuza Game in August

    Show me the money

    On the 29th August, SEGA will host a Yakuza-related press conference in Japan. It's highly likely that the event will give us our first real look at the next Yakuza title -- the first game in the mainline series that won't star longtime protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. Indeed, we don't know much about this upcoming instalment. The main...

  • News New Yakuza Game Gets a Female Co-Star, More Details Next Month

    More info late next month

    Yakuza series producer Daisuke Sato teased that new information for the next entry in the franchise would be released today, and while he has delivered on that promise, what we've learned isn't exactly what we would call substantial. The next Yakuza game will feature a female co-star, and we now know that Eri Kamataki will...


  • News More Will Be Revealed About the New Yakuza Game Next Month

    New details incoming

    Yakuza Studio doesn't take a break, does it? This generation in particular, the team has been churning out some brilliant entries in its melodramatic series, while Judgment stands as a great side piece. We know the developer is hard at work on the next Yakuza game, this time starring a brand new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga...




  • News New Yakuza Game In Development on PS4, Stars a Fresh Main Character

    Ichiban Kasuga's your man

    SEGA has confirmed that there's a new Yakuza game in the works for PlayStation 4. It doesn't have an official title right now, but the project will star new character Ichiban Kasuga. Supposedly, the story of Kazuma Kiryu comes to an end with Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, so it's time for a change. Those who have been keeping...