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  • Game of the Year 2017 #8 - Yakuza 0

    Smooth criminal

    The Yakuza series has been around since the heyday of PlayStation 2, and yet the series never really felt like it got going in the West. This author's in the camp where he had never really played a Yakuza game before 0. This flashback episode opened up an entry point to a series that has forever held interest only for many to be...


  • Feature 5 Reasons Why Kazuma Kiryu Is the Hardest Man on PlayStation

    Don't mess

    There's no point in denying it: we have a massive man-crush on Yakuza protagonist Kazuma Kiryu here at Push Square. We've known the guy since the days of the PlayStation 2, and our admiration seems to grow with every new Yakuza title that makes its way to Western shores. For the heathens among you who don't know who Kazuma Kiryu is,...

  • News Yakuza 0 Grabs Free DLC and a Launch Trailer


    Hey, Yakuza 0 is out today, and we highly recommend it. The PlayStation 4 exclusive has seemingly pushed the niche series into the corner of the mainstream eye for the first time in forever, and as far as we're concerned, any success that it finds is well deserved. The game's launch trailer is short but sweet, showing off all the stuff that...

  • Video Cash in with Two Hours of Yakuza 0 PS4 Gameplay


    We've already established that Yakuza 0 is basically the second best thing on Earth after a big bowl of ramen, but perhaps you still need some convincing. Well, we played through two hours of the title live on our YouTube channel last night, and we've archived the stream above for your on-demand viewing pleasure. Sold yet?

  • Video Four of the Best Minigames in Yakuza 0 on PS4

    Totally dumb fun

    The Yakuza series has always revelled in ridiculous minigames - and Yakuza 0 has the best selection of the bunch. Seriously, you can spend hours at a time hopping from one activity to the next, but in our latest video, we've tried to narrow down our four favourite time sinks. We'll warn you now, though - some of this footage won't...

  • Hands On Yakuza 0 Proves the Series Still Packs One Hell of a Punch on PS4

    80s revival

    Kazuma Kiryu knows how to have a good time. The Yakuza series' central protagonist likes to run around red light districts kicking the absolute crap out of anyone that gets in his way, and then when's he's cracked enough skulls for one night, he hits the nearest karaoke bar to belt out a few bangers. Just 20 years old in Yakuza 0, Kaz is...


  • News SEGA's Having Fun with Yakuza 0's Promotional Trailers

    Business card battles

    What in the world is this? SEGA's released probably the stupidest video in the history of the company – and yes, we've seen those old Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog ads. This clip is designed to promote Yakuza 0's Business Edition, which can be yours if you pre-order the title in North America ahead of its January launch. The...

  • News Here's a Look at the Bone-Crunching Combat of Yakuza 0 on PS4

    Brutally beautiful

    You don't know the joy of the Yakuza games until you've pulled off one of Kazuma Kiryu's disgustingly bad ass heat moves. Fortunately, SEGA's released a new trailer for Yakuza 0, which is full of the things. Watching them isn't quite as satisfying as actually using them, but you'll at least get a sense for the brutality that they...



  • News Yakuza 0 Trailer Shows Why You Don't Mess with Goro Majima

    Keep one eye open

    Mad dog Majima is back as one of two playable characters in Yakuza 0, and the PlayStation 4 exclusive's latest trailer highlights the story behind this deadly gangster boss. As you'd expect of the superb series, the narrative teasers that are dropped in the video seem mighty promising, and quite frankly, we can't wait to get stuck...


  • News Yakuza 0 Grabs a Day One Edition on PS4

    Plus a new English trailer

    We've been watching so much Yakuza 6 gameplay recently that we almost forgot Yakuza 0 is heading West early next year. Featuring a much younger Kazuma Kiryu, this should prove to be another memorable romp through Japan's seedy underbelly. You can learn more about our legendary protagonist and the sticky situation that he's...


  • News Yakuza 0 Parties Exclusively on PS4 from 24th January

    Acceptable in the eighties

    If confirmation of Yakuza 6's release date in Japan has left you battling the green-eyed monster, then we come with good news: Yakuza 0, the series' 80s spin-off, will deploy on 24th January exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe. Just so we're clear, that's not a pager vibrating in your pocket –...


  • E3 2016 Rip Off Your Shirt and Watch Yakuza 0's Latest Trailer

    Like a dragon

    Amid all of the new announcements, we almost – emphasis: almost – forgot about Yakuza 0, the 80s-inspired entry in the cult Ryu ga Gotoku franchise. But to whet your appetite ahead of the PlayStation 4 exclusive's early 2017 release – and because everyone needs a little Kazuma Kiryu in their lives – here's the title's latest...


  • News Yakuza 0 Heats Up European PS4s in 2017

    Getting a physical release, too

    A collective sigh of relief was let out around the Push Square office this afternoon as SEGA revealed that Yakuza 0 will be coming to Europe after all. Previously, the prequel was only confirmed for a North American launch in the West, which understandably had European fans a little on edge. The good news doesn't...


  • News Yakuza Zero May Not Release in Europe on PS4

    Feeling the Heat

    Yakuza Zero practically had the Push Square office on its feet when it was announced for the PlayStation 4 at PlayStation Experience 2015 last week – but there's bad news for those of you in Europe. SEGA's said that the game is only confirmed for North America right now, despite a trailer mentioning the Old Word. Apparently that...

  • PSX 2015 Yakuza 0 Confirmed to Be Kicking the Crap Out of Western PS4s

    And Yakuza 5 is out on PS3 next week

    There were cheers in the Push Square office when Yakuza 0 was confirmed for a Western release at the PlayStation Experience. We made a prediction that the latest instalment in the Japanese franchise would travel overseas, but we were cautious in our belief. As it turns out, we were actually bang on the money -...


  • News Yakuza Zero's Sales Should Keep Toshihiro Nagoshi in Fake Tan

    But will it ever release overseas?

    Gaming's most groomed executive Toshihiro Nagoshi will be smiling today, as Yakuza Zero – the latest entry in his soap opera-like series – has surpassed 500,000 units in Japan. The game's only three months old so this is a particularly impressive feat; perhaps it's time we reminded everyone that we'd love a...


  • News This Yakuza Zero Commercial Has Got It All and More

    TGI Friday

    Fledgling marketing managers take note: this is how you sell a video game. Yakuza Zero's overseas advertisement may only have 15 seconds to work with, but it crams bad fashion, brutal beat downs, and Super Hang-On all into its reduced running time. If this doesn't make you want to own Kazuma Kiryu's latest, you're not human.

  • News Kamurocho's Calling in Yakuza Zero PS4 Demo Video

    Talk of the town

    While we're still waiting patiently for Yakuza 5's launch here in the West, the lucky folks over in Japan are preparing themselves for the release of Yakuza Zero – an eighties themed prequel which aims to tell series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu's origin story. Due out on 12th March in the Land of the Rising Sun, publisher SEGA has...



  • News PlayStation 4 Proves Its Worth to the Tojo Clan

    The Dragon of Dojima

    It was only a matter of time before the PlayStation 4 obtained admission into the Tojo Clan. Ahead of the release of prequel Yakuza Zero next year, Sony has prepared four tattooed consoles, which should prove the company's allegiance to the current family chairman. Available in both white and black, the designs include the...


  • TGS 2014 Yakuza Zero Trailer Looks Good on the Dance Floor

    Looking for a fight, not necessarily romance

    We weren’t entirely sure how we felt about SEGA pulling the prequel card with the latest entry in its Japanese gangster series, Yakuza Zero. However, after watching this brand new trailer, we’re totally sold on the concept. It shows protagonists Kazuma Kiryu and Majima Goro strutting around Kamurocho...

  • News Get Your Hands Dirty With Yakuza Zero's PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Blast from the past

    Sega was ready to tease us with more than just pictures of Yakuza Zero during Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show conference earlier today. Coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 during Spring 2015 in Japan, the title's set prior to the events of the first game. Staring a fresh faced Kazuma Kiryu who's working his way up the crime...