Until Dawn

Until Dawn


PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment
Supermassive Games


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User Ratings: 172

Our Review: 8/10

Until Dawn News



  • News This Is What Until Dawn Looked Like on the PS3

    Move aside

    Some of you will remember, but for those who don't, Supermassive Games' schlocky horror Until Dawn was originally in development for the PlayStation 3 – and, primarily, the PlayStation Move motion controller. It was planned to be an exclusive for Sony's illuminating wand, with the gameplay built around the 3D tracking of the...


  • News Is an Until Dawn Sequel Unlikely Now?

    Supermassive Games eyeing multiformat move

    We'd always assumed, following the surprise commercial success of Until Dawn, that Sony would have signed up a sequel straight away – but it sounds like developer Supermassive Games has other plans. Despite being one of the Japanese giant's closer partners, the developer has expressed interest in breaking...



  • News PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn was Hugely Popular on YouTube Last Month

    Like, so totally hot right now

    Whether you like it or not, and despite what it says about our ever-changing industry, websites like YouTube offer a telling look into which games are hot, and which games are not. Indeed, YouTube's even started publishing its top ten 'trending' titles for each month, and in August, PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn...

  • Video Top 4 PlayStation Games - August 2015

    Horror show

    Your humble video host was torn away, kicking and screaming from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in order to make this bloody Game of the Month round up, so you had better watch the damn thing. Featuring moronic teenagers, West Midlands accents, and even special guest appearances from everyone's favourite editor who isn't the...


  • News Japan's Censored Until Dawn's Most Grisly Scenes in the Worst Way

    Fade to black

    Until Dawn doesn't go totally SAW, but it does have a little fun with a saw blade at one point. Sadly, those playing the slasher in Japan will not get to see all of the gore, as the game has been censored in arguably the worst way imaginable. In the sequence involving entrails and other viscera, the Eastern version simply cuts to...

  • News Sony's Stopping Twitch Streamers from Archiving Until Dawn


    We're not entirely sure how we feel about this one. A tweet by Twitch Support appears to allude to the fact that Sony has disabled archiving on Until Dawn, preventing people from replaying streams that have since concluded. This could be a simple error on the platform holder's part, but it seems like a calculated decision to stop the story...

  • News Scream Like You Mean It with Until Dawn's Launch Trailer


    The shock success of Until Dawn appears to have taken even Sony by surprise, as it scrambles to put out trailers and prepare bundles for what's turned out one of the better exclusives on the PlayStation 4. Given the critical mauling that The Order: 1886 received, we can understand why it was sceptical of this one – but at least it can give it...

  • Gamescom 2015 Cause and Effect Is at the Crux of This Until Dawn Trailer

    Like a butterfly

    The butterfly effect is a funny thing. Earlier in the year, Sony executives sat in an office and decided to skip Gamescom 2015, blissfully unaware of the fact that we'd be subjected to a busy but still boring week. Until Dawn deals with these decisions in a different way, as you're pursued by a serial killer who looks like the star...

  • News Development on PS4 Teen Horror Until Dawn Is Done

    Like, OMG

    PlayStation 4 spook-'em-up Until Dawn is shadowing Tearaway Unfolded to a manufacturing facility, as developer Supermassive Games has confirmed that the teen horror has gone gold. The story-driven adventure – described by yours truly as PlayStation's next best worst game – sees you take control of a roster of randy teenagers, who are...


  • News Chatter Your Teeth Through 30 Minutes of Until Dawn

    Elk no

    This year's best worst game is actually starting to get a bit of buzz, which makes us nervous. We've been singing Until Dawn's praises for over a year now, but following that PlayStation Experience demo, it seems like the rest of the media has got on board. Sony and Supermassive Games won't be complaining, of course, as this could end up...


  • News Until Dawn Has the Best Use of the DualShock 4 Ever

    Which probably isn't saying much

    Supermassive Games is taking Heavy Rain's giant head title screen to the next level – by introducing Sackboy-style puppet controls. This amusing new video from PlayStation Access shows how you can use the DualShock 4's tilt sensors to pivot star Hayden Panettiere's head. Just imagine the kind of fun you'll be able...









  • News Until Dawn Staying Zipped Up Until the New Year

    Keeping the chill out

    Supermassive Games’ frustratingly frigid PlayStation 3 exclusive Until Dawn is set to keep covered up until the New Year, studio gaffer Pete Samuels has announced. There were rumours – yet again – earlier this week that the PlayStation Move powered title had been cancelled, but apparently that’s absolutely not the case...


  • News Supermassive Games Keeping PS Move Title Until Dawn Alive

    Not dead yet

    Do you remember Until Dawn? The intriguing PlayStation Move teen horror title was announced at GamesCom a couple of years back, but has remained as tightly concealed as a cheerleader’s dressing room in the months since. That doesn’t mean that the release has been cancelled, though – in fact, according to managing director Pete...


  • Rumour Has Until Dawn Severed Its PlayStation Move Requirement?

    Motion controlled adventure may have added DualShock 3 support

    Until Dawn, the fascinating teen horror slasher from Supermassive Games, may not need a PlayStation Move motion controller after all. As spotted by the ferocious folks over at Bloody Disgusting, the title’s box art merely states that the game is ‘compatible’ with Sony’s...


  • News Until Dawn Is Leveraging the Killzone Engine

    True grit

    Sony’s stunning Killzone franchise has always had a foreboding visual undertone to it, so it’s not particularly surprising to learn that Supermassive Games’ upcoming PlayStation Move exclusive teen horror title Until Dawn is being built on top of the first-person shooter’s incredible technology. Speaking during the latest episode...


  • News New Until Dawn Trailer Delivers a Difficult Ultimatum

    Follow the instructions

    Until Dawn is exactly the type of experience that we longed for back when the PlayStation Move was first announced – and so far the teen horror title appears to be living up to our admittedly lofty expectations. This brand new trailer shows some brief glimpses of a rundown cabin, before revealing that your best buddy is...

  • News Sony Signs Up Horror Veterans for Until Dawn

    Alone in the dark

    The script for Sony’s pulpy PlayStation Move exclusive Until Dawn will be penned by indie horror veterans Larry Fessenden (The Last Winter) and Graham Reznick (I Can See You). Speaking during a New York Comic-Con panel overnight, executive producer Pete Samuels noted that the duo will help to give the game “the scares you...