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  • News Shenmue to Get Crunchyroll, Adult Swim Anime Adaptation

    Yu Suzuki serving as executive producer

    There’s still a future for the Shenmue franchise, as Crunchyroll has announced that it’s partnering with Adult Swim on an anime adaptation of the legendary series. A full 13-episode run is currently in production, which will air on Crunchyroll outside of Japan and mainland China. It’ll also feature as...



  • Hands On Shenmue III's Story Quest DLC Is an Add-On Done Wrong

    Chawan shite

    It may have a bad reputation, but DLC can be incredible. Consider, for one moment, The Old Hunters expansion for Bloodborne: it’s a brilliant extension of an already timeless title, which adds exciting new environments, enemies, and armaments to the fray. Of course, add-on packs have a bad reputation because they’re so often...

  • News Shenmue III's Story Expands with Second DLC Pack Next Week

    Our cup of tea

    It’s honestly still difficult to parse the fact that we played Shenmue III last year. This author thoroughly enjoyed the experience, although its obviously not without its issues. Nevertheless, after last month’s curious running-themed add-on pack, we’re very excited to see the story extended with Ys Net’s second DLC, simply...





  • News Shenmue III Has Come a Long Way on PS4

    A day in the life of Ryo Hazuki

    Shenmue III’s unlikely to appeal to series newcomers, but it’s clearly come a long way as it closes in on its 19th November release date. The long-awaited sequel now looks like a bona fide successor to the cult classic SEGA Dreamcast games, with the franchise’s trademark atmosphere brilliantly intact in this...


  • News Shenmue III Backers Irate as Pre-Order Bonuses Not Included

    Season Pass also sold separately

    Regardless of whether it will live up to expectations or not, Shenmue III is at long last beginning to look like a finished product, which should be cause for celebration. Unfortunately, the long awaited sequel has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late – mostly due to developer Ys Net accepting a...

  • News New Shenmue III Screenshots Show Chai, Fully Playable Arcade

    Lan Di also puts in an appearance

    Ryo Hazuki’s frenzied skinhead adversary Chai will return in Shenmue III – powered by the protagonist’s Hong Kong ferry ticket. New screenshots from the long-awaited sequel show the crazed individual attempting to attack the hero and his accomplice Shenhua, while other images reveal antagonist Lan Di...

  • News Unachieved Shenmue III Stretch Goals Incorporated into Game

    Greater scope

    Shenmue III smashed Kickstarter records when it was crowd-funded a few years ago, but there were Stretch Goals in the final campaign that weren’t achieved. Fortunately, through additional funding from publisher Deep Silver, developer Ys Net has been able to implement some of these features into the game. Among some of the unexpected...



  • News Shenmue III Finally Looks Like a Real Video Game

    And that's mind blowing

    This. Is. Surreal. Ys Net has finally released a full-length trailer for the long-awaited Shenmue III, and after almost two decades of waiting, it looks like an actual video game. In the clip we see Ryo and Shenhua investigating the Chinese village of Bailu and its various unsavoury characters. There are high points and low...



  • News Yu Suzuki Implies Shenmue III Will Be Larger Than Its Predecessors

    Bigger and better?

    The original Shenmue is not a particularly long game, but its successor takes the best part of 30 hours to complete if you’re playing it for the first time. It sounds like – despite being built on a wafer-thin budget – Shenmue III will be longer, however, as series creator Yu Suzuki has implied in a new interview that it...




  • News Good News! Shenmue III's Scope Just Increased Again

    Game reaches another stretch goal

    Shenmue III’s stumbled over $7 million in fan funding through slacker backer support, which means that the scale of the project has increased again. As per its stretch goal obligations, Ys Net will now be adding a new system named AI Battling. We’ve read the developer’s description of what it actually is a...

  • News Shenmue III Celebrates Backer Surveys with New Footage

    For the Rin

    Those of you who backed Shenmue III on Kickstarter should receive a survey soon, allowing you to select your t-shirt size and share other details depending upon the tier you chose. And to celebrate that news, developer Ys Net has released a cute little clip starring one of the title’s characters: Rin. It’s obviously not...


  • News Shenmue III Looks Like It's Going to Need Every Minute of That Delay

    And probably more

    Shenmue III was delayed recently, and by the grace of the Phoenix Mirror it looks like it needs it. The title just doesn’t seem to be coming together at all: new footage (skip to 2:15 in the embedded video) shows an improvement to Shenhua’s character model, but protagonist Ryo Hazuki and the rest of the cast still look...

  • News Shenmue III in Delay to 2019 Shocker

    Changed my mind

    Shenmue III was never coming out this year, but now publisher Deep Silver has confirmed. In an outstandingly brief statement, the firm said that the “extra time will be used to polish the quality of the game even further”. Considering the scant snippets of gameplay we’ve seen thus far have been barely polished at all, it’s...



  • News Shenmue III Shows Impressive Progression in New PS4 Screenshots

    More details at MAGIC Monaco next month

    Shenmue III’s scheduled to release in 2018, and a trio of new PlayStation 4 screenshots show the progress that the project’s making. First up we get a new glimpse of protagonists Ryo Hazuki and Shenhua, who are beginning to resemble their Dreamcast counterparts. There’s still work to be done, but at...

  • News Shenmue III's Looking Like a Lock for 2018

    That's the plan, anyway

    Shenmue III will finally continue its search for Lan Di later this year – at least, that very much appears to be the plan. The title was originally scheduled to launch in 2017, but never looked like it was going to hit its ambitious ship date. However, Cedric Biscay – who fronts up Shibuya Productions, one of the many...





  • News Shenmue III Footage to Debut at Gamescom 2017

    Sequel scores new logo, too

    After an extremely disappointing E3 2017 no-show, Shenmue III will be taking the trip to Gamescom 2017, where new footage of the anticipated PlayStation 4 sequel will debut. “While we are still working out the details with our partners, we plan to show our newest movie clips, share the latest updates, and even make some...

  • News Shenmue III Stalls the Search for Lan Di Until Second Half of 2018

    Game is "bigger and more beautiful" than expected

    Shenmue III is returning to the dojo until the second half of 2018, series creator Yu Suzuki has announced. The game was previously scheduled to launch later this year, but even the most ardent fans of the franchise must have anticipated a delay – especially when developer Ys Net ruled out an...