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  • News Resogun Returns with PS4 Pro Update

    Blast off

    One of the PlayStation 4's first great games, Resogun remains highly recommended to this day. Housemarque's super pretty shooter still plays incredibly well, but the experience just got even better for PS4 Pro users. The game's latest patch, which is available to download now, adds Pro compatibility in the form of 4K HDR support, a higher...


  • News This May Be the Closest Sony Gets to Bringing WipEout to PS4

    But we'll take it

    WipEout is coming to the PlayStation 4 – as part of a new Resogun ship pack. The crafts – inspired by Studio Liverpool's legendary racing series – include a handful of the most famous teams from the franchise's futuristic antigravity league, including Feisar, Piranha, Auricom, AG Sys, and Qirex. We're frowning at the absence...


  • News Housemarque Only Started Work on Resogun PS4 Eight Months Before Launch

    Studio worked on Overdrive

    Even after the likes of Bloodborne and Velocity 2X, you could still make a case that Resogun is the best game on the PlayStation 4. Housemarque's next-gen launch title is one of this author's favourites, so perhaps the most impressive thing about the shooter is that the Finnish studio only fully started working on it eight...


  • News Wait a Minute, Resogun Is Blasting onto the PS3?

    Save the last-gen system

    We already know that PlayStation 4 favourite Resogun is set to eat up our every waking minute courtesy of Climax Studios’ forthcoming PlayStation Vita port, but it seems that those still firmly entrenched in Camp PlayStation 3 will be able to enjoy Housemarque’s sublime arcade shooter as well. Gematsu has spotted a...


  • News PS4 Exclusive Resogun Will Reload with New DLC Soon

    The crowd goes wild

    Like many of you, we blindly bought Resogun’s season pass earlier in the year, despite not knowing what it would actually entail. It’s been a few months since the title’s first pack, Heroes, deployed, so we’ve been patiently waiting for a fresh excuse to save the last humans. Fortunately, developer Housemarque has hinted...


  • News Slick PS4 Shooter Resogun Will Save the Last Humans on Vita

    System seller

    Housemarque’s throwback arcade shooter Resogun is so good that we’d quite like to have a playable version augmented into our eyelids, but seeing as that’s not physically possible, we’ll settle for a PlayStation Vita version instead. Fortunately, it sounds like the Finnish indie is working on just that, assuming that comments...




  • Rumour PS4 Exclusive Resogun May Be Getting Local Co-Op DLC

    Standby for arguments

    Resogun is a remarkably intense solo experience. Dodging and weaving your way through millions of voxels is a complete thrill by any standard. But as we noted in our review, the game quite notably lacks a local co-op mode. And while the online multiplayer may be fun, it's not quite the same as having a friend sitting mere...

  • News Wait, Did Housemarque Just Announce a Sequel to Resogun?

    Fingers crossed

    Do you like mysterious and intriguing tweets that hint at new and exciting games, without ever actually giving any concrete details? No? Neither do we really, but, in the words of the Rolling Stones, you can't always get what you want. Housemarque, the talented team behind Resogun – one of our favourite games of 2013 – is hard at...


  • News Resogun DLC Will Blast Away Your Boredom on PS4 Soon

    More humans to harbour

    Assuming that you’re not a fan of buxom British archaeologists and elaborately attired thieves, the PlayStation 4’s immediate release schedule is looking a little on the light side. Don’t distress too much, though, because Finnish outfit Housemarque is hard at work on some additional content for its free with PlayStation...


  • Game of the Year Silver Trophy - Resogun

    Save the last humans

    Not just the best PlayStation 4 game currently available, but also one of the best releases published on a Sony platform in 2013, the brilliant Resogun rocketed to the top of our internal poll like a firework doused in gasoline. Finnish outfit Housemarque once again proved that it’s the master of the humble shmup, repurposing...

  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2013

    Playing with power

    It seems a bit strange to be selecting the best annual software for a system that's only been available for around a month, but consistency means that our Game of the Year countdown demands a PlayStation 4 category. This time last year the platform was little more than a pipedream, but the hot new hardware has bullied the...

  • Guide How to Save the Humans and Stave Off the Keepers in Resogun on PS4

    Tips 'n' tricks

    It’s fair to say that Resogun has left our lives in complete and utter tatters. We’ve been unable to eat, sleep, or even communicate properly in the wake of our November Game of the Month winner, and who can blame us? Housemarque’s gorgeous shmup is an outstanding release – and it’s a free one to boot. However, if you have...

  • Game of the Month November 2013 - Resogun

    Gunned down

    November was yet another busy month for Push Square's reviewers, as we critiqued a hefty 23 games in total. Last month also saw the release of a certain console that you may have heard about: the PlayStation 4. With Sony's new hardware flying off the shelves, the race to get our next-gen write-ups published was on, and so we brought you...


  • News You Can Play Resogun Even if You're 10 Miles Away from Your PS4

    Using Remote Play, of course

    Remote Play remains one of the most criminally under advertised features of the PlayStation 4. As Nintendo Wii U owners will attest, the ability to play home console quality games while using the bathroom is a massive boon. And, if a recent test by YouTube user The Phawx is anything to go by, the nifty feature may have...

  • News Bask in the Beautiful Explosions of PS4 Exclusive Resogun

    There's a spark

    There’s a part inside all of us that garners immense satisfaction from seeing explosions. It’s the exact reason that we sit through Michael Bay movies and enjoy firework displays. Resogun taps into that internal desire for detonations and satiates it like nothing else – as is evidenced by the brand new trailer embedded below...

  • News PS4 Shooter Resogun Reloads in Gigantic European PS Plus Update

    GRID 2, Sonic Racing, and more up for grabs

    And so it begins. Next month’s European PlayStation Plus update includes the very first batch of PlayStation 4 content, with Housemarque’s delicious shoot-‘em-up Resogun and Compulsion Games’ intriguing puzzle platformer Contrast available for free for subscribers. They’re just two of an enormous...

  • Round Up Resogun Shoots to the Top of the PS4 Reviews Pile

    Miniature marvel

    We already told you that Resogun was the PlayStation 4’s release day killer app – and it looks like our intuition was spot on. Along with the embargo lift for Sony’s next generation console earlier today, reviews for Housemarque’s stunning shoot-‘em-up have started to brighten up the web. As a result, we've compiled some...

  • News This Is Why Resogun Should Be Your Most Anticipated PS4 Game

    Divine destruction

    “We like watching stuff blow up, it’s in human nature,” says lead programmer Harry Krueger in this brand new Resogun developer diary. “We’ve been able to tap into that exact part of the brain that feels satisfaction when you see things blowing up.” It’s true, too – we’ve not exactly been shy about our adoration...