The Playroom

The Playroom


PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony Computer Entertainment


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  • News PS4 Live Streams Are About to Get a Lot More Interesting

    Potentially, anyway

    It’s not always easy for a company to predict how consumers will decide to use a particular product, and The Playroom on the PlayStation 4 will definitely have raised a few eyebrows when it started to get used – and, in some instances, abused – by next-gen early adopters. However, recognising the swell of demand for live...




  • News Find a Use for Your PS4 Camera with Free The Playroom DLC

    Run, robot, run

    Sony’s complimentary PlayStation Camera-based technology demo The Playroom has secretly expanded this week with a free add-on named Ninja Bots. Available now from the PlayStation 4’s iteration of the PlayStation Store, the intriguing gratuity transports the titular cyborgs to a training ground, where your Ninbotsu skills will be...




  • News The Playroom Has Been Completely Removed from Twitch's Directory

    This is why we can't have nice things

    In what can only be described as a virtual slap on the wrist, video game streaming service Twitch has removed The Playroom from its directory. The move comes soon after the company's pledge to stamp out any lewd behaviour on the service, and is undoubtedly a reaction to the plethora of non-ga

  • News Twitch Cracks Down on Lewd PS4 Broadcasts

    Be sensible

    It may be called The Playroom, but Twitch has vowed to put a stop to any streams not playing with the PlayStation 4 exclusive as intended. Late last week we reported that a couple had set up a live phone-in show via the augmented reality application, and that was fine – until others copied the idea and started running racy webcam...


  • News It Won't Take You Long to Nab All of The Playroom's Trophies

    Augmented reality app looks easy to beat

    The Playroom is almost certainly one of the best demonstrations of the PlayStation 4’s unique features and functions – and it won’t even cost you a penny to play. While you’ll need the upgraded PlayStation Eye to enjoy the augmented reality application, Sony has confirmed that the software will come...