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Persona 5 Royal News



  • News Persona 5 Royal Hits 'Record Sales' In the West, Says SEGA

    Lookin' cool, Joker

    Persona 5 Royal appears to have been a hit for SEGA, according to the company's latest financial report. Although it doesn't give us any numbers, the report states: "Persona 5 Royal began selling in the U.S. and Europe on March 31st, achieving record sales. While physical sales were restricted, the ratio of digital sales...










  • News Final Persona 5 Royal Character Trailer Unmasks Joker

    Leader of the gang

    The final Persona 5 Royal character trailer is here, and it's the protagonist himself, Joker. It looks like the leader of the Phantom Thieves has some comical outings to look forward to, as we see him pulling off some sick dance moves and training with the twins. He also gets a snooker ball to the face. How embarrassing. Are you...

  • News Persona 5 Royal Has 'Several New Endings' Based on How You Play

    Change your heart

    We already know that Persona 5 Royal introduces a number of new story elements, some of which are set to significantly expand and potentially reshape the existing plot. New characters, a whole new school semester -- it all sounds great so far. But what about more meaningful player choice? As it happens, Royal will apparently offer...

  • News New Persona 5 Royal Confidant Stars in Fresh Trailer

    Meet Takuto Maruki

    Takuto Maruki is an all-new confidant in Persona 5 Royal. Without spoiling anything, he's a part-time student counsellor at Shujin Academy who gets hired after certain events take place near the beginning of the game. He seems like a nice enough guy, if you ask us. In this fresh trailer, we get to see what Takuto's all about. He...

  • News Persona 5 Royal Steals a Spring 2020 Western Release Window

    Spring is looking deadly

    When Persona 5 Royal's Japanese release date (31st October, 2019) was revealed, developer Atlus was quick to confirm that the game would launch in the West in 2020. However, a specific release window was never nailed down, leading to a lot of fans wondering whether they'd be waiting a long time for Royal to arrive overseas...

  • News Persona 5 Is Looking as Stylish as Ever in These New Royal Screenshots

    Style and substance

    Persona 5 might just be the most stylish game in existence, and as you'd expect, enhanced re-release Persona 5 Royal is looking every bit as amazing -- if not moreso, now that it's exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Atlus has released a bunch of screenshots from the upcoming title, so naturally, we've absolutely plastered this...

  • News Akechi Gets His Own Persona 5 Royal Character Trailer

    Guess who's back

    Goro Akechi's the star of this brand new Persona 5 Royal character trailer, although we must warn you, if you haven't finished Persona 5, then this video could potentially spoil a few things. The trailer was revealed as part of a lengthy Japanese livestream, in which loads of new details were shared with regards to Persona 5 Royal...

  • News Fresh Persona 5 Royal Information Spilled Via Gameplay Livestream

    New mechanics, events, and even characters

    A lengthy Persona 5 Royal livestream has revealed a load of new information about the upcoming game, as well as an unsurprisingly slick new trailer. New gameplay mechanics, events, and characters were shown off, so we've compiled all the details below. Thanks to Twitter user BlackKite for the translations...


  • News Latest Persona 5 Royal Trailer Shines the Spotlight on Morgana

    Phantom Thief

    Another day brings with it another Persona 5 Royal trailer, with today's placing the focus on your trusty sidekick Morgana. Check it out above. The new footage unveils Morgana's new Persona, Diego, whose attacks are particularly critical. We get a glimpse of a couple of new scenes, too - customary for these sorts of Persona reveal...