The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886


PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment
Ready At Dawn


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User Ratings: 109

Our Review: 6/10

The Order: 1886 News


  • News The Order 1886's Dev Ripped Apart by Facebook Owner After Acquisition

    Zuckerberg claims another

    Ready at Dawn, the studio best known for The Order 1886 and Kratos' various PSP adventures like God of War: Ghost of Sparta and God of War: Chains of Olympus, has reportedly lost as much as a third of its headcount in the latest round of Meta layoffs. The Facebook parent company acquired RAD back in 2020 to assist with the...



  • E3 2019 Sony Thought Troy Baker Was in Too Many Games

    Originally played Galahad in The Order: 1886

    Sony’s been keeping Troy Baker in designer hair wax, as he’s starred in several of the platform holder’s biggest games: The Last of Us, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Death Stranding, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, The Last of Us: Part II – and probably a dozen more that we’re...



  • News The Order: 1886 Can Be Yours for Thruppence on PS4

    Seriously, it's $3.99 in North America

    Look, we have our fair share of issues with The Order: 1886, but for $3.99 it’s worth buying. Sony’s launched a new batch of discounts on the North American PlayStation Store, and Ready at Dawn’s story-driven Victorian shooter has brought its exquisitely groomed handlebar moustache along for the party...


  • News The Order: 1886 'Well on Way' to Meeting Sales Targets

    According to Ready at Dawn, anyway

    The promising potential, the secrecy surrounding its sales, the eventual split – The Order: 1886 really is Heavenly Sword for a new generation. While we all come to terms with the lengths that Sony will go in order to repurpose the previous generation, though, here's some corporate double-speak from new Ready at...

  • News The Order: 1886 Maker Is Planning a Multiplatform Future

    Developer wants to build, own, and publish its own IPs in the future

    The Order: 1886 was met with a mixed reception, and seeing as we haven't heard a whisper about its sales, we're guessing that it flopped at retail, too. It's not an enormous surprise, then, that developer Ready at Dawn now wants to release games on more than the PlayStation 4...


  • News The Order: 1886 Ain't Commanding Antique Prices on the PS4

    Exclusive is Europe's latest Deal of the Week

    Since an early age, this author has found the very idea of 'antiques' baffling. Call us common, but it strikes us that the industry simply peddles old tat under a more appealing name in order to make it seem more valuable; who wants a grotty old table when you can buy a brand new one alongside some...


  • News There Are No Todgers in the Japanese Version of The Order: 1886

    Covered up

    The Order: 1886 got a lot wrong, but we were able to respect its mature depiction of nudity to a degree. While certain games – God of War, for example – revel childishly in the odd bit of revealed flesh, Ready at Dawn's historical shooter just gets on with things, showing various parts of female and male anatomy when the context is...

  • News New PS4 Patch Gives The Order: 1886 a Glorious Photo Mode


    Being such a good looking game to begin with, it only makes sense for The Order: 1886 to snag its very own photo mode. Teased ages ago, the mode will allow you to snap some glorious screenshots with the help of numerous photo-taking tools. Pausing the action at almost any time, you'll be able to pan around for the best angle and apply...


  • News The Order: 1886 Won't Break the Bank if You Shop at Best Buy

    PS4 exclusive's price slashed in the States

    The Order: 1886 may play like a period piece at points – and definitely not in the way that developer Ready at Dawn intended – but it's a decent enough romp while it lasts, and looks nothing short of spectacular. You may be interested in picking it up at a discounted price, then – so it's a good...





  • News PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Has More Than Pretty Visuals

    All about that bass

    As our very own Graham Banas will inform you, there’s more to a game’s presentation than its looks. Sound is something that often goes underappreciated in this visual driven industry, but it’s the glue that holds everything together. Seeing as The Order: 1886 is aiming to be the complete cinematic experience, then, its...