Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation Store

  • US 4th Apr 2017
  • EU 4th Apr 2017
PSVR Support
PlayStation VR (Required)
Controller Support
Feature Support


  • Review Mortal Blitz (PS4)

    Time Crisis in VR

    Playing through Mortal Blitz feels like going back in time, which is a strange feeling when you’re talking about a VR game – but it’s true. What we have here is effectively Time Crisis in virtual reality, which sounds like a match made in heaven and, we feel, is likely to be a fitting genre when implemented well. There’s...

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Mortal Blitz Screenshot
Mortal Blitz Screenshot
Mortal Blitz Screenshot

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About The Game

'Mortal Blitz' is the new level of First-Person Shooter action VR game based on Sony PlayStation VR. 'Mortal Blitz' emphasizes not only the good original characteristics of gun-shooting games, but also enhances many interactive elements of the game to deliver more immersive experience in the Virtual Reality.