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  • US 19th Jul 2016, $14.99
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    Full moon

    Kitfox Games has created something quite unique with Moon Hunters. At first it appears to be quite a standard action role-playing game with the option to play with up to four players. However, playing the game for just a couple minutes shows you that there are plenty of unique and fresh ideas on display. The most obvious idea on display...

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About The Game

Moon Hunters is a myth-weaving adventure for 1-4 players, solving ancient mysteries and building mythologies. Explore a hand-painted pixel art world that's randomly generated yet rich with legends, non-linear stories, and secrets. How will you be remembered?

On one fateful summer evening, the Moon, source of all magic and spiritual power, does not rise. Your course is clear. You must set out alone or with the other chosen children of the Moon to solve the mystery and restore balance.

Without the Moon's power, monsters rise up and chaos grows across the lands. Players must rely on one another in a dangerous, ever-changing world. As the days and nights cycle past, players use every last scrap of their wits, weapons, and magical studies to survive, craft, explore, and ultimately triumph. How you express your personality in difficult decisions shapes your reputation and, ultimately, how your tribe remembers you in the generations to come. What constellation would be your symbol?

Moon Hunters is a procedural world to explore, populated with hand-crafted stories and memorable characters. From howling mountains to lapping ocean waves, the world of Moon Hunters is brimming with ancient stories and myths.