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Mafia III


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2K Games
Hangar 13


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User Ratings: 54

Our Review: 6/10

Mafia III News


  • News Mafia 3's Definitive Edition Patch Somehow Removes PS4 Pro Support

    Dev team is working on a fix

    As if the absolutely terrible remaster that is Mafia II: Definitive Edition wasn't enough, Mafia III has also been handed a raw deal on PS4 Pro. Following the game's 'Definitive Edition' update, the title now reportedly runs worse than ever on Sony's enhanced system. According to this detailed Reddit post,

  • News Mafia III Story DLC Is Now Free for Everyone

    PS Plus comes in handy

    Mafia III: Definitive Edition released on PlayStation 4 yesterday for £24.99/$29.99, bundling together the base game and all its DLC packs. That's not a terrible deal, but the thing is, there's a very realistic chance you actually already own the game. Mafia III was a free PlayStation Plus title back in August 2018 and since...


  • News Mafia 3's Original Intro Was So Controversial It Had to Be Erased

    New Bord-oh

    Mafia III, for all its flaws, delves into some pretty dark subject matter. But developer Hangar 13 originally planned to open the title with an introduction so controversial that it’s since removed all traces of the scene from its servers. “If ever that had come out without any context in any form it would have looked terrible,”...


  • News Give Mafia III a Shot For Free with Its New PS4 Demo

    Bite-sized revenge

    Mafia III may not have set the open world genre alight as was intended, but by most accounts, it's not that bad overall. The game's obviously been out for a while now, but coinciding with the release of its first expansion, a playable demo has hit the PlayStation Store. If you've had your eye on Mafia III but the lukewarm...


  • News Mafia III's Story Expansions Start Dropping Next Month

    Can't escape the life

    If you're still into Mafia III, you may be interested in knowing that its promised trio of story expansions have been given release windows. Things kick off with the strangely named Faster, Baby!, which is due out at some point next month. Then, in May, we're getting Stones Unturned, followed by Sign of the Times in July...


  • News Mafia III Smuggles a Stealth PS4 Pro Patch

    In and out

    Its popularity may have fallen off a cliff a few days after it launched, but at least Mafia III is still being supported by developer Hanger 13. As pointed out by Digital Foundry, the sandbox crime sim has very quietly received a PS4 Pro update - there's apparently no mention whatsoever of Pro support in the patch notes, which seems a bit...


  • News Mafia III Is Somehow 2K Games' Fastest Selling Release

    4.5 million copies shipped in one week

    You know those occasions where a bit of news filters out and you almost have to read it twice in order to properly parse it? Yeah, this is one of those times: Mafia III has become 2K Games' fastest selling game of all time, outpacing franchises such as BioShock, NBA 2K, and Borderlands. To be honest, we're as...


  • Round Up Mafia III Takes a Bullet or Two in First Reviews

    Fed to the alligators?

    Mafia III's off to a bit of a rough start in the reviews department, it would seem. The sandbox mob-'em-up launched last week on PlayStation 4, but critic reviews are only just beginning to roll in due to the fact that publisher 2K Games didn't want to send pre-release review code to anyone that isn't a YouTuber. Some of the...

  • Video Should You Buy Mafia III for Your PS4?

    Mob job

    As is widely known already, 2K Games didn't send out advance review code for Mafia III, so we're only just digging into the New Bordeaux-based drama. But should you buy it? Well, we've streamed over an hour of gameplay footage so that you can get a feel for the crime caper – and you can watch the archived footage above. Are you planning...

  • News Pimp Mafia III on Social Media and Have Vinnie Jones Give You 10p Coffee

    Served in empty bullet cartridges

    We can picture it now: a PR person in a trendy office with a whiteboard desperately trying to think of a fashionable way to promote Mafia III without flinging early access codes at uncompromisingly enthusiastic YouTubers. The only problem is that he has to somehow link the game, which takes place in a fictional...

  • News Mafia III Reviews Will Remain in the Bayou Beyond Launch

    Gangster's nightmare

    Mafia III releases on 7th October globally, but don't expect to find a review on Push Square – or any site worth your time for that matter. 2K Games informed us recently that code would go out on launch day, and Polygon has since confirmed that to be the case for other outlets around the world. In other words: you probably...


  • News 16 Minutes of Mafia III Gameplay Outlines Stealth and Gunplay

    Either way will do

    We've lost count of how many trailers 2K Games has released for Mafia III, but we're pretty sure that none of them have been as comprehensive as the video that we've embedded above. The clip contains around 16 minutes of gameplay from next month's sandbox crime-'em-up, highlighting the various ways that you can tackle missions...

  • News Mafia III Takes Aim at Free DLC and Three Premium Expansions

    Lock and load

    It looks like developer Hangar 13 has reasonably big plans for Mafia III after it launches next month, promising free downloadable content packs along with three premium expansions. The free stuff is largely what you'd expect - costumes, weapons, and extra vehicle customisation - but the studio also makes mention of races, which could...

  • News New Mafia III Gameplay Trailer Takes Justice Into Its Own Hands

    Safety's off

    Mafia III lead Lincoln Clay doesn't mess around, does he? The star of the game's latest trailer, we see Clay take down a ton of criminals, from lowly drug dealers to mob bosses and more. Sure, his methods may not be subtle - they appear to be of the 'shoot first, ask questions later' variety - but hey, he gets the job done. Of course,...



  • News Mafia III's Main Character Is a Man on a Mission

    Mob justice

    From what we've seen of Mafia III so far, we're reasonably excited for the upcoming open world mob-'em-up, and while we have some reservations when it comes to the sequel's rather standard looking gameplay, we reckon that the setting and characters seem pretty interesting. Speaking of which, protagonist and Vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay...