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Horizon Zero Dawn


PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment
Guerrilla Games


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User Ratings: 244

Our Review: 9/10

Horizon Zero Dawn News


  • Reminder Get Horizon Zero Dawn for Free Until Tomorrow

    Don't forget to Play At Home

    Sony has promised more PlayStation 4 games and offers will be included in the Play At Home promotion in the future, but today is your last chance to grab the initiative's biggest inclusion yet. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will no longer be available for free after tomorrow, so here's your reminder to grab it if...


  • News Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Is Free to Download Now

    Play At Home strikes back

    Sony's Play At Home initiative returns today, and this latest update to the scheme just so happens to contain the biggest free PlayStation 4 game of the lot. Starting today through until 14th May 2021, you can claim and download Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for free. The only thing you need is an active PSN account...

  • Guide Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: Tips, Tricks, and All Collectibles

    An ultimate resource for Horizon Zero Dawn

    Horizon Zero Dawn is an original open world role-playing game set in a post apocalyptic world, created by Dutch developer Guerrilla Games. Filled with quests, side-quests, errands, and collectibles, this Horizon Zero Dawn guide spans the main game as well as its Frozen Wilds expansion. On this page, we'll...

  • News Here's When Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Will Be Free

    Red head redemption

    Sony's Play At Home initiative returns today, granting absolutely anyone with a PlayStation Network account free access to Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. The PlayStation Blog post that confirmed the news stated the PS4 game will be free starting today, but at what time? Much like the previous titles included in the Play At...

  • Guide Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Get All Possible Optional Allies to Join Aloy

    All allies joined

    How do you get all possible optional allies to join Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn? As you prepare for the game's final mission, you'll need as much help as possible. As part of our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, we're going to show you how to ensure all allies join the defence. As a result, you'll unlock the All Allies Joined Trophy...

  • Guide Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Get the Shield Weaver Outfit

    All Power Cells locations

    How do you get the Shield-Weaver outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn? And what are all Power Cells locations? As part of our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, we're going to help you recover an ancient technology and put it to use by explaining how to complete the Ancient Armory side-quest, find all Power Cells, and unlock the best armour...

  • Guide Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Level Up Fast

    The quickest way to earn XP and Skill Points

    How do you level up fast in Horizon Zero Dawn? Like any role-playing game, you're going to want to raise your level as quickly as possible by earning XP. Each time you level up, you'll get a new Skill Point which can be spent in the game's Skill Tree. As part of our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, we're going to...

  • Guide Horizon Zero Dawn: All Ancient Vessels Locations

    Mugged off

    What are all Ancient Vessels locations in Horizon Zero Dawn? Ancient Vessels are one of the main collectibles in the game, and there are a total of 12 to snag around the post-apocalyptic open world. Essentially discarded mugs from the Old World, you may be wondering where you can find all of these. Fortunately, as part of our Horizon Zero...

  • Guide Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Fast Travel

    Fast travel without restrictions

    How do you fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn? While you can hop around the open world, leaping from one bonfire to another, the system is gated by Fast Travel Packs which you'll either need to craft or loot. If you don't want to worry about your supply of Fast Travel Packs then you can also unlock unlimited fast...

  • Guide Horizon Zero Dawn: All Vantage Datapoints Locations

    Lookout point

    What are all Vantage Datapoints locations in Horizon Zero Dawn? Vantages are another of the game's collectibles, though they don't pertain to physical objects on this occasion. Instead they are lookout points within the open world that can be scanned for audio files and also a glitched image of the Old World. As part of our Horizon...

  • Guide Horizon Zero Dawn: All Metal Flowers Locations

    Robotic botany

    What are all Metal Flowers locations in Horizon Zero Dawn? Metal Flowers are the most abundant collectible in the game, with a total of 30 to find. These mysterious metallic plants are located all over the open world, and need to be looted when you approach them in order to add them to your notebook. As part of our Horizon Zero Dawn...


  • News Horizon Zero Dawn Community Spotlight Has Been Going Under the Radar

    Sharing creators and clips

    Did you know that Guerrilla Games has been shining the spotlight on its Horizon Zero Dawn community for the past four months through video compilations that share their greatest clips, artwork, and cosplay attempts? Neither did we, but it represents an awesome community commitment that the Dutch heavyweight will surely...


  • News Get an Inside Look at the Horizon Zero Dawn Comic Book Sequel

    Available from 5th August

    Horizon Forbidden West might not be launching until 2021 exclusively on PlayStation 5, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until then to find out what happened following the events of the original game. Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a direct sequel in the form of a comic book, and it'll be available to read both...



  • Gallery Upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn Comic Book Gets Multiple Covers

    And they're all great

    While we all wait patiently for the inevitable Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on PlayStation 5, Aloy's adventures are set to continue in comic book form. Announced earlier this year, Titan Comics is set to publish the brand new story this summer, starting on 5th August with the first issue. We've seen the cover of the comic already, but...



  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Turns Three Years Old Today

    That's not all

    Do you want to know who Horizon: Zero Dawn's Aloy shares a birthday with? Alongside musician Jake Bugg and some YouTuber named Ruby Mancuso, the PlayStation 4 exclusive celebrates its anniversary alongside Push Square's own Stephen Tailby. Happy birthday, Stephen! We're sure he's out somewhere doing something nice, but for now, let's...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Listed for PC on Amazon France

    Published by Sony

    Update: The listing on Amazon France for a PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn has now been removed. Interesting. Original story: Adding much more weight to the speculation that Horizon: Zero Dawn is heading to PC at some point this year, online retailer Amazon France has listed the current PlayStation 4 exclusive for a release on...









  • News Celebrate Horizon: Zero Dawn's Anniversary with Free Theme, Avatars

    Ava look

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is a year old, and in addition to some truly sublime sales figures, Guerrilla Games is celebrating with some free goodies for fans. Available tomorrow from the PlayStation Store, the Dutch developer has prepared a Dynamic Theme for the PlayStation 4, featuring some of the best Photo Mode snaps shared by the community...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Sells a Stunning 7.6 Million Units

    Guerrilla Games' RPG blows up big time

    Wow! We already knew Guerrilla Games’ sci-fi role-playing release Horizon: Zero Dawn was a big success, but not to this extent. Sony has announced on the title’s one year anniversary that it’s sold 7.6 million units since its launch in 2017, making it the most successful “new first-party franchise” on...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Comes Top in Two Categories at DICE Awards 2018

    Writing and technical achievement

    Horizon: Zero Dawn was totally snubbed at the Game Awards at the end of last year, picking up no awards at all. It did earn the nickname 'Horizon: Zero Awards' for a while, but that's no longer true. Guerrilla's action RPG was nominated in the majority of categories at this year's DICE Awards, and it's come away...


  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Sweeps Nominations at DICE Awards 2018

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy close behind

    With our very own Game of the Year list enshrined in history, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the jury's in on the best games of last year. However, apparently a panel of industry professionals called the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has announced their...






  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Patch 1.30 Adds New Game Plus, Bonus Trophies

    Incorporates face paint options and Focus customisation

    Guerrilla Games’ post-release Horizon: Zero Dawn support has been nothing short of sensational, and despite first expansion Frozen Wilds being the focus of the Dutch developer’s attention right now, the studio’s still found time to patch some oft-requested features into the main game. If...


  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Been a Colossal Hit for Sony

    The robo-dinos deliver

    Launching brand new franchises is always a risky business, but Horizon: Zero Dawn has been an enormous success for Sony. After selling over 2.6 million units within its first two weeks on store shelves, the Guerrilla Games developed action role-playing release has now hit 3.4 million units as of 30th April. This statistic is...


  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Developer Recruiting Quest Designers

    Ahoy, Aloy

    Horizon: Zero Dawn may be one of the best games of the year, but the work never ends at Dutch developer Guerrilla Games. While many studios experience a cooling off period in the aftermath of a big product launch, instead the first-party is currently recruiting quest designers to work on its future projects. We know that production is

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Snaps Up New Photo Mode Features

    Map filter also being incorporated

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is easily one of the most beautiful games on the PlayStation 4, and capturing that beauty with the title's Photo Mode is a big part of the fun. Guerrilla Games has recognised that, and with the open world role-playing release's next patch, it'll be adding in a ton of new features to help improve...