Hitman: The Complete First Season

Hitman: The Complete First Season


PlayStation 4
Square Enix
IO Interactive


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User Ratings: 42

Our Review: 8/10

Hitman: The Complete First Season News




  • News Hitman 1 Gets Free Trial on PS4 for a Limited Time

    Plus, Hitman 2 going cheap

    If you've yet to play Hitman, the PlayStation 4 reboot of IO Interactive's brilliant stealth action series, you're in luck. The studio announced earlier today that the complete first season is currently free to play on PS4. There aren't too many details, but it looks like you don't need PS Plus to download the game for...


  • News Hitman's Free Halloween Update Takes You to Colorado on PS4

    Available today

    The games industry is beginning to unveil its plans for Halloween, and Hitman is the latest game to be getting some creepy content this month. The Halloween Update for IO's excellent assassin sandbox makes its Colorado location freely available to all for a limited time, and includes everything the level has to offer -- the mission...


  • News Hitman Season 1 Content Will Be Playable in Hitman 2

    Two for one?

    We're big fans of Hitman on PS4, and Hitman 2 is looking like a promising sequel. Something we didn't expect to see is this latest news regarding the upcoming game: not only will it have a full suite of new missions to enjoy, but all the levels and missions from the first game will be present and correct. That's right, Hitman Season 1...


  • News Hitman's Summer Pack Makes Marrakesh Available for Free on PS4

    Download it now

    Have you been enjoying the hot weather? We here at Push Square Towers have been slowly melting for most of the summer, but IO Interactive wants to turn up the heat. The studio has announced the Hitman Summer Pack, which essentially gives you access to the game's third level, Marrakesh, for free. Also included is the ICA Training...




  • News Hitman: Game of the Year Edition Adds New Campaign and Content

    $20 upgrade seems pricey, though

    Hitman is back following developer IO Interactive’s divorce from parent company Square Enix. The Danish developer has announced Hitman: Game of the Year Edition, a huge digital bundle set to release on 7th November which includes the original game in its entirety – as well as a bunch of new content on top...

  • News New Hitman Announcement Coming on 24th October

    It's definitely not Season 2

    If there are two things we love reporting here at Push Square, it's: 1) Reporting on Tweets, and; 2) announcements of announcements. Therefore the Hitman Twitter account's reveal that a new content announcement for the game will be coming at 2PM CEST - that's 1PM BST - on 24th October was an absolute godsend to us. What...

  • News Agent 47's Polishing His Pate Ahead of New Hitman Content

    Bald but back

    There’s new Hitman content on the way. IO Interactive has been through a turbulent time behind-the-scenes, breaking away from owner Square Enix just as its first season of assassination contracts were at peak popularity – but it seems like it’s got its proverbial in order, and is ready to reveal new content on 24th October. The...



  • News Square Enix Considering Flogging Hitman

    The stealth series could be leaving along with IO

    Now that Hitman developer IO Interactive is parting ways with Square Enix, the future of the flagship franchise is hanging in the balance – and a possible sale of the Hitman IP could be on the cards. In a financial briefing, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda hinted that the license for...

  • News Square Enix Makes Shock Decision to Sell Hitman Developer


    Well, this is a bolt from the blue: Square Enix has announced its intention to sell Hitman developer IO Interactive. The studio – behind one of the best games of the previous year – was believed to be working on a second season of stealth missions, but now the much-loved brand’s future has been put in jeopardy. In a note to investors,...


  • News Hitman Captures the Sun Soaked Sapienza with HDR Support

    Free update due this month

    If you've seen high-dynamic range – or HDR, as it's better known – in person then you'll know that it makes a massive difference to the way that colours are represented on fancy television screens. And following Sony's decision to patch the technology into every PlayStation 4 on the market, games are starting to take...


  • Soapbox Why Hitman Is the Funniest Game of 2016

    A hands-off approach means excellent comedy, says Sam Brooke

    The Hitman series has always taken pride in being a bit odd. The wacky settings of Blood Money, for instance, range from a party based on heaven and hell to a hillbilly wedding where everybody has a gun. However, Hitman 2016 is easily one of the funniest games of this year - mainly because...


  • News Lovin' Hitman on PS4? There May Be Much More on the Way

    Three seasons planned

    Despite looking like a disaster prior to release, Hitman's episodic model has actually worked out swimmingly. Regular updates from developer IO Interactive, alongside frequent "live" missions, has meant that the game has remained fresh for longer than it would have as a boxed title – and the studio's still not done with this...


  • E3 2016 Hitman PS4's Getting a Bonus Episode This Summer

    Natural born assassin

    Are you loving Hitman on the PlayStation 4? You may be excited to learn that IO Interactive will release a Summer Bonus Episode on 19th July, in between the recently released Episode 3 and upcoming Episode 4. While this extra will not include any new locations, it will boast two new missions, set in the Sapienza and Marrakesh...


  • News Hitman PS4 Plops Platinum Trophy in a Nearby Port-a-Potty

    Is that it, man?

    The bizarre Trophy inconsistencies continue, as Hitman – the stealth series' big-budget episodic reboot – will not pack a Platinum. This is despite mobile spin-off Hitman Go: Definitive Edition recently launching with one of the silvery blue statues. Make any sense to you? Nope, us neither. The package's pots are instead built...




  • News Hitman PS4 Just Got Even More Needlessly Complex

    Two versions of the same game announced

    At this point, Hitman's model is so convoluted that we're struggling to think of where to begin with this article. For those out of the loop, the already confusingly named Hitman on PlayStation 4 will launch in an 'unfinished' state. However, the term 'unfinished', according to Square Enix, doesn't describe...

  • News Hitman PS4 Whacked Until March 2016

    Blood worry

    The reveal of Hitman's reboot won't go down in history. The confusing announcement made during Sony's big E3 2015 conference only got more baffling when it was confirmed that Agent 47's revival would be released piecemeal. IO-Interactive's sticking with that approach, but it's at least decided to bide its time, and put the release on...



  • News Hitman PS4 Gameplay Footage Sneaks Online

    Served up in secret

    While there's been much confusion regarding Hitman's distribution method, we've been more bemused by publisher Square Enix's decision to conceal a release that's due out in less than six months. This leaked gameplay footage is almost certain to get whacked by the organisation in no time at all, then – but at least it gives us...

  • News Hitman on PS4 Won't Release as a Full Game, and It'll Be Digital Only at First

    Let's try to make sense out of this

    You may have seen the new Hitman at E3 2015. You may even have gotten hyped for it. But that hype is slowly draining away for some, as Square Enix has slowly but surely explained how the game won't be releasing in full on the 8th December. Posting a question and answer segment on the title's official website, the...