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For Honor News


  • News For Honor Is Heading to PS5 with Free Upgrade

    Next-gen battles

    For Honor is joining the now-lengthy list of PlayStation 4 titles making the jump to PS5. Publisher Ubisoft has announced that the popular medieval combat game is heading to next-gen systems in time for launch with a free update. Those with a shiny new PS5 will be able to carry over their For Honor profiles from PS4, "including all...





  • Gamescom 2018 For Honor Is Getting an Arcade Mode

    A new challenger

    As part of the game's October expansion, Marching Fire, For Honor will get its own arcade mode, complete with regular quest updates, challenges, and rewards. Basically, you'll be fighting through computer controlled opponents with various modifiers to keep each battle somewhat unique. You'll also be able to buddy up with a...



  • News For Honor Offers Up a Free Trial on PS4 This Weekend

    Staying sharp

    Ubisoft's really trying to push For Honor back into people's good books. Last month, the publisher revealed its plans for the future of the game, presenting a detailed roadmap on upcoming content and other additions, like the introduction of dedicated servers. Building on that reveal, the company's announced that the title's going to...



  • News UK Sales Charts: For Honor Swings an Axe at the Top Spot

    Sniper Elite 4 in second

    There are no upsets in the UK sales charts this week, as Ubisoft's For Honor has stormed the best sellers list, fighting its way to the summit. Sniper Elite 4 scoped out second place, pushing last week's frontrunner Grand Theft Auto V down into third. FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 rounded out the top five, with Resident Evil 7:...

  • News Tekken Producer Talks About How For Honor Compares to Fighting Games

    Fight the good fight

    Ubisoft's managed to persuade Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada to sit down with For Honor director Jason Vandenberghe and talk about how the latter compares to more traditional fighting games. The result is a pretty interesting conversation, with Harada detailing his thoughts on For Honor's combat system. Obviously, when it...

  • News For Honor's Single Player Campaign Lasts Around 6 Hours

    Sliced and diced

    Out today on PlayStation 4, For Honor promises a suite of medieval multiplayer modes, but despite its clear focus on competitive play, we're more often asked about its single player campaign. While we don't have a review for you lot yet, we can at least tell you that said campaign lasts around 5-6 hours on normal difficulty. The...

  • News Grab Your Weapons, For Honor's Open Beta Is Live on PS4

    See you on the battlefield

    For Honor's open beta weekend is now live on PlayStation 4, and lasts until Sunday night. The beta's been available to pre-load since earlier this week, but if you didn't get a chance to start the download, it's worth noting that it weighs in at around 20GB. As we've mentioned before, Ubisoft isn't sending out early...

  • News You Can Pre-Load the For Honor Open Beta on PS4 Right Now

    Ready for the weekend

    If you're planning on tackling the For Honor open beta over the coming weekend, then you may want to make sure that it's downloaded, installed, and ready to go on your PlayStation 4. The beta runs from the 9th February until the 12th, and it's available to pre-load on the PlayStation Store right now. The download weighs in at...

  • News Don't Expect Our For Honor PS4 Review Until After Launch

    Axe us about the game at a later date

    Ubisoft has indicated to the media that For Honor review code will not be unlocked until the game's publicly released on 14th February. The reason for this, according to the publisher, is because of the hack-'n'-slasher's open beta, which will tie up the title's servers from 9th February through until 12th...


  • News For Honor PS4 Open Beta Draws Its Sword Next Weekend

    For pre-release glory

    Just before release, For Honor will be inviting anyone and everyone to get in on its open beta, which kicks off on the 9th February. Ending on the 12th February - just two days before the finished game launches - the beta should help the undecided choose whether or not to sink their blades into Ubisoft's latest. You'll be able...

  • Hands On Slashing Samurai and Killing Knights in For Honor

    Does Ubisoft's hack-'n-slasher earn its place in Valhalla?

    It's hard to believe that, for a company that's been around for more than 30 years, Ubisoft doesn't have a huge catalogue of hack-'n-slash games. For those complaining about the French publisher's perceived lack of varied output, For Honor should represent a drastic change from its usual...


  • News For Honor's Single Player Campaign Trailer Readies for War

    A tale of swords

    Ubisoft's keen to let people know that upcoming medieval mash-'em-up For Honor has got a single player campaign, as evidenced by this latest cinematic trailer. The campaign boasts its own story and characters, and we assume that it'll be a good way to wrap your head around the action before jumping into the multiplayer side of...

  • News All of For Honor's Future Maps and Modes Will Be Free

    New heroes may still cost you, though

    There was a kerfuffle earlier this week when it was revealed that For Honor - Ubisoft's medieval slash-'em-up - would require a constant internet connection to play. However, as with most things in this industry, you've got to take the good with the bad; the good in this case being that much of the upcoming...

  • News For Honor Will Require an Internet Connection on PS4

    Live by the sword, die by the sword

    There had been murmurs that For Honor, the swashbuckler from Ubisoft, would require an Internet connection in order to run on the PlayStation 4 – and they've since been confirmed. Writing on the game's forum, a community manager explained that the game is an "always online experience" with elements of...


  • News For Honor Spilt-Screen Co-Op Cut Completely, Not Just From Online Play

    Cleaved in two

    Earlier today, news broke that upcoming medieval brawler For Honor has dropped support for split-screen play, although comments made by producer Stephane Cardin made unclear whether he was referring to online co-op only. Sadly, as it turns out, the worst-case scenario is upon us, in that split-screen is being cut from the game...

  • News For Honor Cuts Split-Screen Co-Op from Online Play

    Lone wolf

    Bad news for those of you who were looking forward to jumping online with your sofa buddy in For Honor, as it sounds like Ubisoft Montreal has cut split-screen co-op. In a recent video from the developer, producer Stephane Cardin says "we decided this week to cut the split-screen", but doesn't really give a clear answer as to why this...


  • News For Honor's Single Player Campaign Won't Disappoint, Says Developer

    Alone on the battlefield

    For Honor was originally billed as an out-and-out multiplayer title, with players battling through hordes of lesser foes in order to enter tense duels with other skilled warriors. It wasn't too long, however, until developer Ubisoft Montreal introduced us to the game's single player offering. Boasting a "full story...

  • First Impressions Bloodying Our Blades in the For Honor PS4 Alpha

    No guts, no glory

    For Honor is a medieval melee-based action title that's set in a land totally ruined by a natural disaster - its people left to fight for their survival. This is where three warriors come across one pool of water, and although they could share it, a brawl ensues because of pure greed. These initial three fighters go on to form the...

  • News Sharpen Up with Three More For Honor Gameplay Trailers

    Adding to the ranks

    We hope that you like trailers, because For Honor's got three more of them. Showcasing a trio of new character classes from each faction, the relatively short clips do a good job of explaining what each warrior is about. Above, you can get a look at the Orochi - a Samurai swordmaster who's also keen on using a few ninja...

  • News For Honor Takes a Swing with Three New Gameplay Trailers

    We could be heroes

    Ubisoft's released not one, not two, but three new gameplay trailers for its upcoming medieval warfare title, For Honor. Each video details a specific warrior - the samurai's Kensei, the knight's Warden, and the viking's Raider - and all of them look like a blast to play. What's more, it's nice to see that each different class...

  • Live For Honor Skewers Some New Gameplay at PAX West

    Glory to the victor

    For Honor is arguably one of Ubisoft's most interesting upcoming properties, and you can get a better look at the medieval melee-'em-up thanks to today's livestream. Broadcasting direct from PAX West, the showing should offer a little more insight into next year's release, with the developer promising new gameplay. The...



  • Hands On Taking a Trip to the Dark Ages with For Honor on PS4

    Look, Mom, no UbiTowers!

    Ubisoft is one of those studios that seems to have been content for the past few years to churn out billions of decent but unexceptional sequels in big franchises like Just Dance, Assassin's Creed, and Far Cry. This is fine, but the studio has shown through games such as Child of Light and Grow Home that it's also fully...

  • E3 2016 The World Is Torn Asunder In For Honor's Cinematic Trailer

    Infinite warfare

    Not only did For Honor receive a great showing for its single player campaign gameplay, but there's also a gorgeous cinematic trailer to feast your eyes on that provides insight into the game's world and how it came to be. Considering we're suckers for alternate history, we really hope it builds strongly on its promising premise...

  • E3 2016 Vikings Storm Shores in New For Honor PS4 Gameplay

    A clash of titans

    After a lot of dancing and prolonged talking on stage, we were relieved to see that Ubisoft unveiled what's been going on with For Honor. There were announcements of a campaign in the works and plans to display viking gameplay since we saw it last, but it's not until now do we finally witness both of these promises come to life in...

  • News For Honor Gets an E3 2016 Teaser Trailer

    It's time for battle

    E3 2016 is right around the corner, and with that Ubisoft has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming For Honor. The historical hack and slasher pits medieval soldiers against each other in huge battles, with knights, samurais and vikings confirmed so far. The title has gone pretty much radio silent since its debut last E3,...


  • News Medieval Mutilator For Honor Will Have a Single Player Mode

    Solo slaughter

    Oh, right – we'd almost forgotten about Ubisoft's four-versus-four hack-a-thon For Honor. But, speaking as part of a new recap video designed to remind us that the title's coming to the PlayStation 4, producer Stephane Cardin stresses that the release won't solely offer multiplayer, as there'll be a single player campaign for those...