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Evolve News


  • News Evolve's No Longer Going Free-to-Play on PS4


    Evolve is finished. The first-person shooter which gobbled up Game of the Show awards like they were going out of fashion has been dropped by developer Turtle Rock – mere months after going free-to-play on PC. It's safe to assume that the complimentary release didn't catch fire quite like the studio wanted it to. This all means that the...


  • News Evolve Will Be Playable for Free on PS4 Soon

    Admits original release caused a "s***storm"

    As expected, Evolve really is going free-to-play – but not on the PlayStation 4 just yet. While PC players will be able to download the complimentary client's beta starting today, fans of Sony's system will need to wait until Turtle Rock's got everything in order. Once it's satisfied with the PC...

  • News Is PS4 Shooter Evolve About to Go Free to Play?

    Level up

    Remember Evolve? It was that game by the ex-Left 4 Dead devs that won a slew of awards prior to release, and then was swiftly ignored by gamers and the media once it actually launched. Well, it looks like it's about to make a comeback – or at least try to, we suppose. Turtle Rock, the studio behind the shooter, has put a countdown on the...


  • DLC Review Is Evolve's DLC a Colossal Scam?

    Monstrous pricing

    Just over a month since we donned the monster hunting boots of Evolve, we're now greeted with the anticipated Hunting Season Pass and, for those of you who pre-ordered, the Monster Expansion pack. The core release was received in a rather mixed fashion by most – gleaning a solid if unspectacular 6/10 in our review – but with...



  • News Sony's Sending Free Evolve PS4 Themes to EU PlayStation Plus Members

    Level up your device's dashboard

    PlayStation Plus more or less pays for itself when you look at the free games that get given away on a monthly basis, but the platform holder regularly sends out the odd surprise to engaged members. This Evolve PlayStation 4 theme that's being distributed in Europe is a nice little extra on top of the Instant Game...

  • News You Can Spend Over $60 on Evolve's Day One DLC

    On the hunt

    Evolve's doing itself no favours is it? While the four-versus-one shooter has received some largely positive reviews from critics, its maddening pre-order campaign and the sheer amount of different day one editions that were available across consoles and PC put the game in a negative light for many potential buyers. What we're really...

  • Round Up Evolve PS4 Reviews Tread Very, Very Lightly

    But is Turtle Rock's latest still beastly?

    In a way, we can't help but feel sorry for Evolve. While it doesn't sound like the Turtle Rock shooter's going to have any crippling problems – of a technical nature, anyway – the four-versus-one affair has, in many ways, taken the fall for the failings of so many of last year's big games. The majority...

  • News Evolve Will Require a 3GB Patch on PS4 to Hit Its Final Form

    Bulking up on bandwidth

    Ah, good old Evolve – the critical darling that just seems to have gotten smaller and smaller in importance since its initial unveiling. While we're yet to be convinced by Turtle Rock's first-person shooter, though – unsurprisingly, it seems that our review code has gotten 'lost in the post' – we daresay that a fair few...


  • News Well, Of Course Evolve Has a Match-Three Mobile Game


    We'll let you into a little secret: according to our traffic statistics, you lot don't care a great deal about forthcoming PlayStation 4 shooter Evolve. Nevertheless, while this article is destined to scrape a couple of hundred views at most, we simply had to share this hilarious little snippet: 2K Games has deployed a free-to-play match-three...

  • News Did You Know That Evolve Has a Single Player Mode?

    Who needs friends

    It may come as a shock, but PlayStation 4 co-op based shooter Evolve actually has a mode that you can play all by yourself, without having to interact with real people. Whether you knew this existed or not, you can get a good look at it in the 20 minute gameplay video that we've embedded. You can apply the solo settings to any...

  • News Evolve Reveals the Beauty of the Beast in Cinematic Trailer

    Wraith to go

    Turtle Rock's asymmetrical shooter Evolve is being pressed onto PlayStation 4 discs as we type – apparently. We assumed that the four-versus-one affair was still some way off, but according to publisher 2K Games, it's set to stomp onto store shelves from 10th February in Europe and North America. Those of you with strong memories may...



  • News Here's How to Get into PS4 Shooter Evolve's 'Big Alpha' Test

    Beta be good

    It seems that Alpha and Beta tests are all the rage these days. Destiny arguably mastered this technique, with countless players pre-ordering the title in order to get a taste of its extra-terrestrial escapades. In truth, we reckon this is pretty good idea, as it allows any potential online functionality problems to be hashed out before...


  • News PS4 Shooter Evolve Devolves Until February 2015

    Cross it off the Christmas list

    2K Games has announced that co-operative first-person shooter Evolve is the latest title to flee the hectic Christmas release schedule, settling down in the equally busy February window instead. Now due out on 10th February worldwide, the asymmetrical affair will be joined by The Order: 1886, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,...


  • E3 2014 No Fair, PS4 Players Will Have to Wait for Evolve's DLC

    This beta be worth it

    At Microsoft's official E3 press conference it was revealed that the DLC for Turtle Rock's upcoming title Evolve will launch on Xbox One first. What's more, the game's official beta will be exclusive to the console. This comes soon after the news that Sony fans will also be left in the lurch when it comes to the presumably...