Drawn to Death

Drawn to Death


PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment
The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency


Game Rating

User Ratings: 14

Our Review: 8/10

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  • News So, You Can Become a Character in Drawn to Death

    Sony launches new competition

    It seems a lot of people loathe Drawn to Death, but we really like it – or at least, this author did anyway. If you're one of those that doesn't enjoy the hand-sketched third-person shooter, then you may want to quietly toodle out of this thread before tediously reminding us how "terrible" it is in the comments...

  • News There's a God of War Skin Pack for Drawn to Death


    Drawn to Death's launched today as a PlayStation Plus freebie, but did you know that there's a God of War skin pack that you can purchase for the title? The set of six outfits inspired by Sony's character action game will allow you to outfit any one of the crude third-person shooter's characters with Kratos' famous tribal tattoos. In the UK...




  • News Drawn to Death's PS4 Trophies Are Amazing and Live Now

    Could the title launch at PlayStation Experience?

    It's rare that developers have fun with their Trophies. We've seen some sweet sets in the past – Gravity Rush's jigsaw icons spring to mind – but Drawn to Death takes things to the next level. Alright, the third-person shooter's angst-ridden vibe is not going to appeal to everyone, but the...


  • News Hold Up, PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Will Be Free?


    Details regarding David Jaffe's forthcoming arena shooter Drawn to Death have been sketchy since PlayStation Experience, but the Twisted Metal creator has confirmed on Twitter today that the release will be free-to-play. The news was originally revealed as part of a promotional email sent to PlayStation fans, but the God of War creator...