Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron


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Our Review: 7/10

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  • Push Rewind Did Destiny Deliver in the End?

    A sense of meaning

    Destiny means so many different things to different people. For some, it was a complete failure; an experience severely lacking in content, variety, and story were the cries of its dismissers as they joined the growing air of disappointment surrounding Bungie’s Halo successor. They seemingly formed the bulk of online opinion...



  • News Destiny Dev Had 'No Idea' What the Darkness Actually Was

    No, not the band

    'The Darkness' is a very vague term that Destiny likes to throw at players on a regular basis. Essentially, it's a blanket term that covers all of the bad aliens that you're tasked with shooting - but what actually is the Darkness? Is it some kind of evil energy? Is it an almighty entity that's trying to conquer the universe?...


  • News This Isn't the Destiny Trailer We Were Hoping For

    Not so triumphant

    Leaks from earlier in the day suggested that an official Destiny 2 reveal was incoming, but instead, Bungie's dropped a launch trailer for the Age of Triumph event, which goes live in the original Destiny on the 28th March. Bah! Still, it's a pretty rousing trailer. The Age of Triumph sees the return of past Raids with new...

  • News Destiny 2 and Final Destiny Event Detailed By Bungie

    A new age is upon us

    Bungie's broken its silence on what's in store for Destiny - namely the shooter's final live event and, of course, Destiny 2, which is due out later this year. Let's get the former out of the way first: 'Age of Triumph' will be Destiny's last hurrah, an event that the developer will be explaining in further detail through a...



  • News Destiny's Next Big Update Is Due In Spring

    Keeping things ticking

    Following Destiny's The Dawning event, which took place over much of December and early January, it feels like the social shooter has once again fallen off to the side. We've seen this happen time and time again with Bungie's ongoing project, but with Destiny 2 supposedly due later in the year, everyone's wondering how the...




  • News Destiny's Halloween Event Returns Next Week with Spooky Spoils

    Lost but not forgotten

    Destiny's annual Halloween event is back for its second year starting from the 25th October. Named The Festival of the Lost, you'll be able to partake in special quests and acquire seasonal loot, including those excellently creepy paper masks. You'll have until the 8th November to get stuck in. Give Bungie's rather well put...

  • News Destiny PS4 Patch Increases Loot Light Levels, Adds Hard Mode Raid

    And it's out now

    Destiny's latest update is out now on PlayStation 4, rejigging Bungie's shooter so that the progression system takes the newly introduced hard mode Raid into account. The light level cap now sits at 400, with engrams getting a boost across the board. If you were starting to get sick of the very gradual grind, you may want to dive...

  • News Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Goes Heroic Later This Month

    Best get grinding

    So you've completed The Wrath of the Machine Raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron - that's a job well done, but the grind isn't over yet. As many players will already be aware, the Heroic version of the Raid is incoming, and Bungie's slapped a date on it - or at least we think that it has. Offering a more difficult edition of the latest...


  • Rumour Destiny 2 Shooting For a Fresh Audience, Will Be a Totally New Game

    Say goodbye to your exotics

    Looking at Destiny from the perspective of a big publisher like Activision and an ambitious studio like Bungie, Destiny 2's inevitable fate is perhaps easy to determine. If the franchise is to expand and thrive, it can't just keep relying on yearly expansions and, if you'll pardon the pun, sticking to its guns. With every...

  • Podcast Episode 14 - The PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

    And is the Iron Price right?

    A fictitious prize to whoever cites both references in that sub header! Anyway, we've got another bumper episode for you this week that comes to you with improved microphone quality on my end, for once. Huzzah! This episode, we catch up on all the latest new from the PlayStation Meeting and Tokyo Game Show. Plus, we...

  • Poll What Do You Think of Destiny: Rise of Iron?

    Is it hot stuff?

    Ah, trusty old Destiny - a game that's pretty much the perfect fodder for a Friday poll such as this. The shooter's latest expansion, Rise of Iron, launched earlier this week on PlayStation 4, and its brand new six-player Raid is releasing later today. Judging by the amount of buzz that the DLC has generated around the 'net, it's...

  • News Bungie Teases Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid with New Trailer

    Not long to go

    We hope that you've spent the last two days grinding for better gear in Destiny: Rise of Iron, because you're going to need it soon enough. The expansion's incoming six-player Raid, named Wrath of the Machine, goes live at 10:00AM PT / 18:00PM BST on the 23rd September, and Bungie's released a slick teaser trailer to remind you of...

  • Hands On Destiny: Rise of Iron Seems Like Another Solid Expansion

    Bringing the fire

    We've sunk about 10 hours into Destiny: Rise of Iron, and in that time, we've completed the main set of story quests, tackled several side objectives, and jumped about ten light levels. We've perused some super cool looking armour, glanced at a few tempting exotics, killed more Splicers than we care to count, and spent minutes at a...

  • News Rise of Iron Launch Leads to Destiny Server Issues

    Heavy metal

    Don't worry too much if you can't sign in to Destiny, because you're not the only one. The shooter's latest expansion, Rise of Iron, launched just a couple of hours ago, and it sounds as though the sheer amount of people jumping online has knocked the game's servers out of kilter. Apparently, players are being queued in order to help...

  • News Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Trailer Turns Up the Heat

    Forged in the fire

    Much like The Taken King before it, Rise of Iron is looking to breathe a lot of new life into Destiny. The PlayStation 4 expansion launches next week on the 20th September, and Bungie's released a rather good trailer to get you in the mood. Highlighting the add-on's story, which features Saladin, the last surviving Iron Lord,...

  • News Destiny Down for 8 Hours of Maintenance Starting Now

    Going dark

    We hope that you weren't planning on playing some Destiny tonight, as the servers are being taken down and prepped for the game's next update for eight whole hours, starting now. The title will be playable again at around 00:00AM BST / 16:00PM PT, but you'll obviously have to download the aforementioned patch before you can hop back into...



  • Soapbox Destiny's Grimoire Cards Are Pretty Awesome

    A glimpse at what could have been

    Destiny is famous for a lot of things, but a strong and structured storyline is most definitely not one of them. In fact, it's more renowned for telling you that it doesn't have time for a plot. I'm here to tell you that Destiny actually possesses potentially one of the deepest and most well thought out universes...


  • News Destiny's Rise of Iron Is a $30 Expansion

    A "big" expansion, according to Bungie

    Destiny's been blasted in the past for the price of its expansions, and we fear that conversation's going to come up again in the relatively near future. Speaking during the official reveal of the shooter's next expansion, Rise of Iron, Bungie confirmed that the new content is going to set you back $30. We...

  • News Destiny: Rise of Iron Wields a Flaming Axe in Leaked PS4 Trailer

    Guardians of the galaxy

    Note to publishers: make sure that you schedule your social media campaigns for the right time, because trailers have been leaking left, right, and centre on Twitch and YouTube all week. This latest premature reveal comes courtesy of Snapchat (!!!), and shows the debut trailer for upcoming expansion Destiny: Rise of Iron...

  • News Destiny Seems to Be Ditching Last-Gen with Its Next Expansion

    Release date leaked, too

    Not too long ago, Destiny's next expansion leaked ahead of its official reveal, which is due to air tomorrow. Dubbed Rise of Iron, it'll apparently contain a new Raid, a new light level cap, new story missions, and new gear. Seems like it'll be your standard Destiny affair, then. The big difference this time around, though,...