Zombie Driver HD

Zombie Driver HD


PlayStation 3
EXOR Studios
EXOR Studios


Game Rating

User Ratings: 7

Our Review: 5/10

Zombie Driver HD News


  • Store Update 23rd January 2013 (Europe)

    Too hot to handle

    After a couple of slow weeks, the European PlayStation Store is back on form with an overload of content. Highlights include Zombie Driver HD, The Cave, and DUST 514, but there’s plenty more worth getting excited about. It’s also worth mentioning that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to grab The Pinball Arcade for free...

  • News Initiate Your Window Wipers, Zombie Driver HD's on the Way

    Road rage

    Zombie Driver HD, the promising isometric undead racing sim from EXOR Studios, is drifting onto the European PlayStation Store today. The title – which was originally due out in late 2011 – finds you “trapped in a city full of walking corpses without any option to escape”. Your only method of survival is driving like a maniac,...