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WWE '13


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WWE '13 News


  • News Take-Two Wrestles WWE License from Defunct THQ

    Pinned down

    Take-Two is half a tap away from taking control of the WWE license. A report published shortly after the untimely demise of former holder THQ had pegged the publisher as the new ringleader for the bizarrely popular franchise, but the firm's now issued an official statement confirming the news. "At this time, the agreement is pending...


  • Rumour Take Two Wrestles the WWE License from THQ

    Blood, sweat, and tiny pants

    While the majority of THQ’s franchises found new homes yesterday, there’s still been no official word on the future of the WWE license. Early rumours suggested that EA had picked up the lucrative contract, but that’s been countered by an IGN report which claims that Take Two made a last minute bid for the series...


  • News Mike Tyson Punches His Way into WWE '13


    See that headline in big, black writing at the top of your screen: we’re not making it up. We almost spilled hot tea all over our desk when we read the press release from THQ, but the publisher seems pretty serious about it. As far as we know, it’s not April Fools’ Day today. Nope, professional boxer and occasional ear-biter Mike Tyson...


  • News Leaked WWE '13 Trailer Slams Online

    Live the revolution

    The action depicted in this leaked WWE '13 trailer was clearly too intense to stay secret for long, hence its premature arrival on YouTube. The reveal for THQ’s next wrestling title is as raucous and acrobatic as you’d expect, featuring footage of favourites such as The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mankind, among...