Winter Stars

Winter Stars


PlayStation 3
Deep Silver


Game Rating

User Ratings: 4

Our Review: 6/10

Winter Stars News


  • News How Much More Ridiculous Can Game Trailers Get?

    We have a new champion

    It's crowded on retail shelves at this time of year. If you want to make your pet project stand out, you need to offer something new, but a fresh gameplay experience is only half the battle: marketing counts for plenty in convincing gamers and gifters to pick up your product. We can't decide if Winter Stars has that all...

  • News Deep Silver's Winter Stars Goes Gold

    Out 25th November

    Deep Silver's frosty sports compilation Winter Stars has just entered production, with a European release confirmed for 25th November. For readers in North America, you can expect to pick the game up next week. Here's a trailer for the road: WINTER STARS TAKES UP START POSITION – NEW MOTION-CONTROLLED GAME REACHES GOLD STATUS...


  • News Winter Stars Warms Up with New Teaser Trailer

    Cheesy family a must

    While the footage of Winter Stars below is all based on the Kinect version, we expect the Move release to be pretty much identical — with the exception of glowing controllers of course. Winter Stars is, of course, a frost-covered compilation of sports due for release later this year, with the usual multiplayer options as well...


  • News New Winter Stars Screens Stay Frosty

    Over snow, ice and water

    This press release is titled "Warm Up this Winter with Winter Stars". Quite how a game about winter sports is going to warm you up is anybody's guess, but maybe that's why we don't work in PR: it's all about vision. Speaking of vision (segue) here's some new Winter Stars screenshots to look at, showing off...

  • News Winter Stars Aims to Test Your Move Skills

    An enjoyable sports collection, or complete waggle fest?

    It’s been a year now since the PlayStation Move launch title Sports Champions released, and we’re quite surprised that a multitude of sports compilation titles haven’t released this past year to try and capitalise on its success. Well, that’s about to change as Winter Stars is headed...


  • News Winter Stars to Shine on Move Later this Year

    Deep Silver lining up sports compilation

    Sports Champions has a decidedly summery feel to it, and so far fans of cold sports have hardly been well catered-for on Move, with wave after wave of sunny simulations. That injustice ends later this year, with Winter Stars from Deep Silver. The winter sports compilation covers 11 disciplines: paraskiing,...