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PlayStation 3

  • US 13th Oct 2010
  • EU 29th Oct 2010
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  • Review TV Superstars (PlayStation 3)

    A real turn-off

    TV Superstars is a minigame collection that hinges on the concept of being contestants on a range of reality TV shows, so it’s fitting that it ends up being a shallow and forgettable experience. It all starts off well: you use the PlayStation Eye camera to snap three photos for your contestants’ head, record a short sample and...

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TV Superstars News

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  • News Take a Behind the Scenes Look at TV Superstars

    Spare yourself the pain of playing it

    TV Superstars may not be the greatest party game on the PS3, but it's still interesting to hear Cambridge Studio discuss how the title came into being, what made the cut and what didn't. Over on the official PlayStation EU blog you can watch interviews with some of the key players in TV Superstars' creation as...

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    Televisual party game incoming

    You might have dabbled in a spot of TV Superstars in the demo available on the Starter Disc or PlayStation Network, and if you liked what you played then starting today you can pick the game up in stores across North America. Featuring a range of minigames all based on fictitious reality TV shows, the idea is to do...

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About The Game

How will YOU be immortalised?

Superstar celebrity or just another wannabe? Run, jump, shoot...Paint, saw, hammer...Chop, cook, rap...What will you do to be famous?

Use the PlayStation®Eye camera and TV Superstar's unique face-capture technology to place you, your friends and family into the starring roles of five action-packed TV shows. Then use your PlayStation®Move motion controller to physically compete and rise to the top of the “A list” to become a household name. Battle it out on the red carpet, pose for paparazzi photographs, and sign autographs to become the Star you’ve always wanted to be!

Key Features
Star in 5 TV Shows:
Shoot paint cannons and perform stunts in “Let’s Get Physical”
Take center stage and model your way to stardom in “Frock Star”
Paint, saw and hammer through “DIY Raw”, a celebrity homes makeover show
Dish it up and sing in “Big Beat Kitchen”
Perform and record your own TV commercials in the “Super Television Acting Agency”

Win challenges, gain popularity and become famous while your popularity is tracked through tabloid magazines!

Use the PlayStation®Eye camera to capture your likeness and emotions in game, even record and play back your own voice samples!

Grab a few friends for the party mode where up to 4 players can play together using one, or more, PlayStation®Move motion controllers