Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia


PlayStation 3
Bandai Namco
Namco Tales Studio


Game Rating

User Ratings: 27

Our Review: 8/10

Tales of Xillia News



  • News UK Sales Charts: Tales of Xillia Conjures Fourth Place Finish

    The Smurfs 2 feeling blue in third

    Tales of Xillia got off to a flying start in the UK sales charts, finishing fourth in this week’s bestsellers list. The enjoyable Namco Bandai role-playing game scored favourably in our review, earning itself a respectable 8/10 and a strong recommendation. Despite this, the title couldn’t leapfrog The Smurfs 2,...


  • News Tales of Xillia Flexes Its Muscles in New Gameplay Trailers

    Manhunt for mana

    Namco Bandai's Tales series is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, and the party mood has left us practically itching for the JRPG franchise's next instalment, Tales of Xillia, which is due out on 6th August in North America and 9th August in Europe. The story follows the journey of medical student Jude Mathis and his...



  • News Posse Up with Tales of Xillia's Protagonists in New English Trailers

    Combo magic

    If the last English gameplay trailer wasn’t enough to quench your Tales thirst, you may want to gulp down these new character-focused offerings. Featuring Tales of Xillia’s two main protagonists, the fresh footage shows off each hero's individual fighting style and some great combos. Jude, the title’s male star, gets up close and...

  • News Tales of Xillia Trailer Shows Off Lairy Teens in English

    Demon Fang

    Some new English-dubbed gameplay of the eagerly awaited Tales of Xillia has travelled online, presumably prompting debates about whether or not a dub is needed at all. Fans of the series will already know that a lot of the previous English voice work could have been better, and admittedly we don’t get much to judge here. Nevertheless,...


  • News Namco Turns the Pages on New Tales of Xillia Features

    Say hello to another PS3 exclusive

    Last July we heard that the next entry in the popular Japanese RPG series Tales of Xillia would be travelling to the West in 2013. While Namco Bandai has not yet provided us with an exact release date, they have instead detailed some of the game's new features, promising a great deal of character immersion and...


  • News Tales of Xillia Travels Overseas Next Year

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    After some speculation, Namco Bandai has officially confirmed that it’s taking PlayStation 3 owners on a trip to the fantastical world of Rieze Maxia, as the hotly anticipated Tales of Xillia is finally set to journey overseas. The RPG – which released in Japan late last year – explores the escapades of Jude...