Silent Hill Downpour

Silent Hill Downpour


PlayStation 3
Vatra Games


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Silent Hill Downpour News


  • News Silent Hill: Downpour Patch Drenches PlayStation 3

    Cats and dogs

    Those of you that purchased Silent Hill: Downpour may be pleased to learn that the title is finally playable on the PlayStation 3. Konami has released a fairly comprehensive patch for the flawed survival horror title which promises to improve the game's frame-rate, fix the save system, wash away any mission related bugs, and introduce...


  • News Silent Hill: Downpour Drenches Japan on 8th November

    Gloomy outlook

    Publisher Konami has forecast an 8th November release date for Silent Hill: Downpour in Japan. The title launched in Europe and North America earlier this year to a mixed critical reception. The game will release as a PlayStation 3 exclusive overseas, presumably due to the lack of interest in the Xbox 360 platform. Silent Hill:...



  • News Konami Preparing Downpour of Updates for Silent Hill Duo

    Raining ones and zeros

    It’s not often we get to report on simultaneous patch announcements for two different titles, so we’re going to savour this moment. Konami has announced that it will shortly release new updates for Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection with the intent of fixing audio synch and auto save issues present in the...


  • News Silent Hill Unleashes a Downpour Over North America

    Bring your umbrella

    Good news for convict Murphy Pendleton: during a prison transfer, an accident opens up an avenue towards all the freedom of a fugitive lifestyle. Bad news: he's crashed right up near the notorious town of Silent Hill, and the weather isn't looking too rosy. Silent Hill: Downpour is now available in North America on PlayStation 3...