The Shoot

The Shoot


PlayStation 3
Sony Computer Entertainment
Cohort Studios


Game Rating

User Ratings: 7

Our Review: 6/10

The Shoot News


  • News Move Controllers 50% Off, Games for $9.99

    GameStop offers deal "while supplies last"

    If you have been holding off on picking up a Move, there's no better time than now. GameStop is unloading its Move controllers and accessories at a huge 50% off discount. That means you'll be able to pick up a Move controller for $24.99, the SharpShooter for a cool $19.99, and a Navigation controller or...


  • News The Shoot Developer Cohort Studios Ceases Production

    That's a wrap

    The Shoot wasn't a bad launch title for PlayStation Move, but sadly Scottish developer Cohort Studios has had to close its doors due to the "difficulties of being a console developer in a declining console marketplace", according to a statement released yesterday. Studio CEO Lol Scragg said: It really is with great sadness...


  • Out Today Friday October 29th 2010 (Europe)

    Four titles inbound for Movers

    Today is one of the biggest release days of the calendar across all formats, so it's no surprise that PlayStation Move is also receiving a bumper crop of titles, with a stack of motion controlled games making their way to retailers across Europe. Televisual party game TV Superstars arrives alongside televisual shooting...

  • News The Shoot Demo and Move Videos Hit the US PlayStation Store

    Heavy Rain, NBA 2K11 and Kevin Butler all inbound

    If your Move has gone disappointingly underused in the field of on-rails shooting games set in television studios, it's about to get a free taster of the high life in the form of a demo for The Shoot, available now on the US PlayStation Store. The game itself was released yesterday, but several...

  • Out Today The Shoot (North America)

    Casual shooting fun for everyone

    You may have already screen tested The Shoot in the form of the free demo available on the PlayStation Move Starter Disc. If you thought it was good enough for a callback, good news: it's out in North America today. If you're after bringing a little more plastic to your experience, you might want to pick up one of...

  • News Be Part of The Shoot from October 19th

    Your chance to shine

    Sony's upcoming movie-themed shooter, the snappily titled The Shoot, is an attempt at making a kid-friendly shooting game, blasting through familiar scenarios from movies and television to impress the director with your action chops. A brief demo is available on the Starter Disc or PlayStation Network, but those of you eager to...


  • News Get a Move on at Eurogamer EXPO in London Next Week

    Trial new motion games before release

    Next week's Eurogamer EXPO in London is set to play host to a pile of new games across all platforms, with PlayStation 3 having a strong presence. Attendees this year can get their hands on titles that use both Move and DualShock 3, with Heavy Rain's Move Edition, Killzone 3 and The Fight: Lights Out all...

  • News PlayStation Store Updated with Move Content A-Go-Go

    Demos, patches and more good stuff

    Today's the day that users all across Europe – except the UK, that is – can Move into the next generation of motion controlled gaming, with the controller and games launched across the mainland continent. If you haven't made it to the shops yet, or your pre-order hasn't popped through the post, consider whiling...